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John Lennon And Yoko Ono Long Lost Unheard Tape Is On Auction In Copenhagen, Denmark


John Lennon, the legend who founded the legendary band ‘The Beatles’ in 1960 is in the talk for an unheard cassette tape that has been recovered and being auctioned in Copenhagen on Tuesday. John Lennon and his beloved Yoko Ono visited Denmark back in 1970 for vacationing were approached by four Danish boys there for a School Magazine interview with the couple, where they sang, danced, and talked about their life on the recording for the interview. The tape is 33-minute long that was recorded on January 5th, 1970. John Lennon and Yoko Ono talked about peace and sharing peace among people with the four boys. They also sang a song that was never released titled ‘ Radio Peace’ as they also shared they wanted to open a Radio station in Amsterdam for their campaign of PEace under such name.

The couple did the campaign aimed at a nonviolent protest against wars and encourage peace among the people. John Lennon and Yoko Ono visited northern Denmark in late December 1969 and stayed at a private firm for a month or so. The Four Danish Boys come up with the idea for selling the cassette tape in the Bruun Rasmussen auction house as reported. They are giving the tape auctioned is going to be priced between USD 31,500 and USD 47,000. Things that will include also few pictures from that time of the couple along with the recording that includes songs like ‘Radio peace’ and ‘Give Peace a Chance’ where John Lennon was playing the guitar and singing with Yoko Ono. In between the recordings they also talked and danced as it was a school interview. They also hummed to the Christmas songs. The couple talks about war and peace as well as reported. They were famous for staging lie-ins and singing songs of peace when the Vietnam war raged. The auction house reported that the recording shares the moment they shared there and how they talked with the boys sitting beside and singing and dancing to Christmas songs.

Whereas The Beatles already recorded their last album and it has been said that the legendary band already parted their ways by then. As reported the couple talked about their campaign for Peace, about the band ‘Beatles’, John Lennon’s hair, and his disappointment with his image as part of the “Fab Four”. Again the auction is set in Copenhagen on Tuesday at the auction house Bruun Rasmussen. It is kind of an exciting and time-traveling thing to buy the tape, whoever buys it. We hope they can share more with the general public as well if they wish. It’s a great opportunity for the people who usually chase around to own such interesting things to grab this also. Well, it already seems the auction house is going to get crowded for the legend, and as well it is on sale. Here are some pictures of what exactly they are selling. If you are interested as well then totally look forward to it. For more such news check our site ‘Research Blaze’.

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