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Doja Cat Talks About Being Called Amy Winehouse For Copying Her In Teen-Age

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 24: Doja Cat attends her "Planet Her" Album Release Party at Goya Studios on June 24, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Doja Cat)

Doja Cat, the popular-trending popstar among the Z generation and millennials sharing her teen years being called Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse was honored with five Grammy Awards for her ‘Back to Black’ album and best song and best recording for ‘Rehab’ and became Best Selling Pop/Rock Female at the World Music Awards in 2008. Sadly she died back in 2011 due to alcohol poisoning. But as she was famous for her songs and her iconic cat eyes, Doja Cat also revealed that she used to do the same cat eyes, and the kids from her high school used to call ‘Amy Winehouse’ and other names for fun. She also shared the obsession of painting her eyes with different colors of the eyeshadow palette and how it didn’t look good at all but still, she would try all kinds that would make her happy. Eventually her every style now has become trending among the audience especially Generation Z.

She shared in a recent interview, that how she would do things that didn’t make sense or she didn’t make good beats but would do it any way but now that she is on a big platform everything needs to be lookout. Because she thinks if something goes wrong, people might hit back on her rather than she can hit back on them. But seems like we are now living in the Doja cat generation after her success in the Hollywood music industry. In 2018 her video about a song titled ‘ Moooo’ went viral and other resurfacing tweets about her being a racist towards people, gender, or culture became trending back then. In 2019, she releases her second album ‘Hot Pink’ which receives good reviews and more streams than ever which leads her to release TikTok’s famous song ‘Say So’ and also release a remix with Nicki Minaj which became an immediate hit among the audience. Her recent song ‘Woman’ released this year 1st July became another TikTok hit and the song has 752,419 views.

Doja Cat is also set to welcome her cosmetic line in collaboration with BH Cosmetics. In a recent interview, she introduces the gorgeous line of make-up with eye shadow, liners, and glosses collaborating with BH Cosmetics. As reported, the 14-year0old Doja cat bought her first rainbow eye shadow palette from BH Cosmetics and went crazy with it, comes the dream for her is to make her own type of eyeshadow palette and that is the 36-shade Mega Shadow Palette. She also revealed how she tried many eye shadow colors but did not give the type of shadow she really wanted. So putting together the line she commented that she did her best to make the look  ‘as easy as possible. She introduced how to do the eye shadow makeup and also introduced 2 other products, which are Mirage Lip Balm in Heavy Tint and Muse Plumping Lip Gloss in Berry. As reported, the Doja Cat x BH Cosmetics collection officially going to launch on bhcosmetics.com on 25 September 2021. People will be able to find the products on  ulta.com and in-stores from 3rd October 2021. For more news check our site.

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