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Jefferey Jordon, Son Of Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Accused Of Assault In Arizona


Michael Jordan the famous American former professional basketball player and businessman’s son, Jefferey Jordan has been allegedly accused of assaulting in Arizona on Friday as reported. As per the police department, Jefferey Jordan was at Casa Amigos bar in Scottsdale as reported by the police because they were already there for some other incident, the police responded to Jefferey’s falling and hitting his head in the bar. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he was being combative with the security who was exporting him out of the bar. The incident happened in the hospital where Jordan became involved in a quarrel with hospital staff and was arrested for intensified assault on a health care professional which is a class-three felony in Arizona.

As reported by Jefferey’s team to the media outlet that he was released and not charged with any crime. And about the fall in the bar happened because he got “confused and disoriented”. The police department about the incident forwarded to the Maricopa County Prosecutors Office to determine whether charges were made against him or not. But as per the report, he has been already released from jail. And no further details were made by the police department neither any comments were made by Jefferey Jordan’s representatives about the situation.

Jefferey Jordan is Micahel Jordan and his ex-wife Juanita Jordan, the eldest son who never took the path of his Father’s famous achievement in the NBA championship but in his college times, Jefferey did play for Illinois from 2007-2010 helping the Illini to a second-place finish in the Big Ten in 2008-2009. He also played two seasons for Donnie Jones at UCF. But then he took the life of watching the family business, he takes care of the Jordan Brand’s digital innovation department. The 32-year -old, Jeffrey Jordaan co-founded the Chicago-based consulting firm Jordan Avakian Group in 2020. He did play 107 basketball games in his college years at the University of Illinois and the University of Central Florida.

No official details were made by Jordan Jefferey’s side about the assault and arrest anymore. The police department hopefully looks into the matter. Michael Jordan had his successful career in basketball as six NBA championships, five MVPs, 11 All-NBA selections and a Defensive Player of the Year award gave the name MJ of American Basketball. He was one of the best players back then. Jordan Jefferey also played in his college years as he claimed to be an athlete as well who stands 6’1 but never took this path as his career. It is true that not everybody needs to have the same passion. Back to the case, about the alleged assault, no comments were made by any officials so we can’t share anything further about the incident. Let’s hope the matter gets in the right hand and justice is served by the Police Department after all we’re equal in the eyes of crime, so if something wrong happens justice needs to be asked again and again. For more such information don’t forget to check our site ‘ Research blaze’.

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