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The Brady Bunch Star Maureen Mccormick Shares Throwback Picture On Instagram For Daughters’ Day


Maureen McCormick, the 65-year old American actress best known for her famous role as Marcia Brady in the show ‘The Brady Bunch’ shares an adorable throwback family picture on her Instagram handle. In the picture, Maureen McCormick is in the middle, on the left is her husband Michael Cummings, and on the right is her daughter, Natalie Michelle Cummings. The family looked adorable together in the photograph and she tribute the picture for her daughter for Daughter’s Day 2021. Oh, Happy Daughter’s Day to all the daughters in the world! The picture gave the fans a super sweet view of their family where three of them looked beautiful.


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Maureen McCormick became famous after the popular American sitcom ‘The Brady Bunch’ premiered back in 1969, September 26 the first season consisting of 25 episodes. The show ran for five years and got canceled in the year 1974. The show was pretty famous among the audience back then and the plot revolved around the family Bunch where the parents had six children. In 1981, the show got its movie sequel, titled ‘The Brady Birds’ where all the original cast played the role. There were other reunion movies and series spin-offs like The Brady Bunch Hour that premiered around 1976 to 1977, The Brady Girls Get Married in 1981, A Very Brady Christmas in 1988, and The Bradys in 1990. After 1995 the sitcom adapted into comedy theatrical films where some of it got aired on the network Fox. The show was created by Sherwood Schwartz and produced by Howard Leeds; Lloyd Schwartz and Sherwood Schwartz. After the five-season, the show came to an ending contract and the producers never renewed it.

After the show ended, Maureen McCormick eventually became addicted to drugs at the age of 20. She started her career very early but her addiction to drugs never had to do anything with that as she shared her life experience in the 2008 biography Here’s The Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice. Maureen also suffered from body issues and bulimia which put her into full destruction. She shared in an interview that how she exchanged sex for buying drugs like cocaine and would disappear for days to do coke. But eventually, after all that, she also found her recovery. She started going to church with the actor Jerry Houser where she met her husband Michael Cummings which gave her a relationship that supported her to come out of the addiction. They also had a child eventually and named Natalie. She believed that she only recovered because her story needed to be shared with the people who were going through such things and that’s why God saved her. And yes, she started doing a campaign about drug addiction. Maureen also shared her stories where she was very candid about what exactly she went through. She became public with her life and the addiction that made her someone people can listen to in need. Maureen McCormick also appeared for the Brady Bunch reunion movie back in 2019. For more news check out our site ‘Research Blaze’.

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