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Dave Bautista Adopts A Dreadfully Abused 3-Month-Old Puppy


Dave Bautista, the famous Hollywood action movie actor, former successful wrestler, bodybuilder, and mixed martial artist did an awesome human thing. Dave Bautista shared the story of adopting a 3-months-old puppy from the  ‘Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where the society takes care of the animals who suffered or suffering from the cruelty of the people at some point by giving them shelter and everything they need to cure the animals. They have a rescue and response team along with the hands-on animal care services to do the exact work and the vision behind the non-profit organization. Human Society of Tampa Bay shared the first news of Sage the dog on an Instagram post on September 17th, 2021, they shared the whole thing of Sage being delivered to them where a metal chain embedded that was hanging from her neck and the picture will just make you cry or maybe more angry on the horrible person who did this to her. Human Society of Tampa Bay said she was rescued by a good Samaritan who was driving home by the home cemetery where sage the dog was eating garbage by the side. She stopped and immediately took her to the HSTB for medical attention.  The society doctors did the surgery and updated on her condition that she also has a skin issue along with overgrown nails.

HSTB shared another post as an update after the surgery, where she did great, and even after all the pain she wagged her tail while veterans were examining her. She started to recover and being playful again. HSTB also commented for the justice for Sage by providing a reward of $1,500 to find out the person who did such a frightful thing to her or literally any such information. Sage’s story got the attention of Dave Bautista, and officials shared that he adopted her on Thursday 23rd and gave her the family she deserved. Dave Bautista also shared the news on his Instagram post about the incident and offering $5,000 along with $1,500 to find out the person who did this. He updated on her health that she is doing great and being super playful but unfortunately there’s no information has been provided about the person responsible for her injuries yet.


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Dave Bautista also shared another news on the recent Instagram video about Sage that Alvarez Injury Law, a personal injury attorney in Tampa gonna also provide $5,000 to the reward bringing the total amount to $11,500. So people, if you know, got any information about the incident or have any doubts regarding such news please contact @humanesocietytampabay or @safek9 on their Instagram account. The amazing news among all of this is that Sage is now Peny Bautista being the official Bautista family member with Ollie and Maggie, other adopted pit bulls of Dave Bautista. He celebrates his dogs and has given them the care they needed is everything a real human being can do for an animal in need. This story really was heartbreaking but it ended happily ever after.

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