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Fashion Editor And Journalist Richard Buckley Dies At The Age Of 72; Read To Know The Reason The Death


Richard Buckley, the fashion editor, journalist, and writer died on Sunday, September 19th at the age of 72 in Los Angeles. As reported he was dealing with a longtime illness and the cause of death was natural. Richard Buckley’s husband Tom Ford shared the statement of his beloved’s death and the details that he passed away in peace at their own house by being beside him and their son Alexander John Buckley Ford. Richard Buckley was diagnosed with cancer in 1989 and was under treatment and therapy which led him to fight well against his illness and eventually it was reported he fully recovered from cancer. No other details were shared about his health issues or of his death. And we all pay our respects and rest in peace. The official statement was shared by Tom Ford’s brand through Vogue.

Richard Buckley started his career by pursuing Journalism in 1979 at New York magazine. Then he moved to Paris in 1982 for Fairchild Publications’ Daily News-Record as the European Editor, the menswear partner for WWD. In 1988, joined Tina Brown at Vanity Fair where he was a social editor. Later in 1990, he became a European editor in Mirabelle magazine and a contributing editor at Italian Vogue Around 1986 Richard Buckley and Tom Ford met for the first time, and soon they become a couple who moved to Paris to pursue their careers. By 1999, Richard got the position of editor in chief at Vogue Hommes International and in 2005 Tom Ford established his own brand as well. The couple moved to London, where Buckley occasionally used to contribute fashion articles until they bought their own house in Los Angeles, New York, and Santa Fe.

Richard Buckley and Tom Ford have been long-time lovers since the 1980s when Buckley was 38 years old and Tom was 25 years old. And Tom Ford fell in love with Buckley’s dreamy blue eyes and the couple stayed in the relationship for 28 years and lived together for 17 years and then they married each other in 2014. They also had a child back in 2012 through a gestational surrogate named Alexander John Buckley Ford. The family lead a happy life and the couple was very adorable and loving to each other. Richard Buckley was very private about his life and his relationship but he also made news with his looks and the career he pursued. He is also an LGBT Community supporter.

Richard Buckley has also written few books that can be found on google books and also starred in a movie titled ‘A Single Man’ where he accepted the award on behalf of Tom Ford for the 21st annual GLAAD media award for outstanding film wide-release. Tom Ford was social while Richard Buckley was private about his life but both of them gave each other the time to grow together and have a love for each other even after the departure of Richard Buckley. To ford shared his feelings that Richard will always stay here in his heart and will be there forever with him and their son.

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