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Zoë Kravitz Made A Strong Statement Against The Criticism For Her “Practically Naked” Met Gala Look


Zoë Kravitz, the 32-years old American actress, model, and singer showed up on the Met Gala 2021 red carpet wearing a completely sheer metal mesh Saint Laurent slip dress by Anthony Vaccarello, full of crystal-covered cutouts for a metallic mesh look and underneath she wore a matching shimmering thong making the whole look complete by dangling earrings, bold red nails, strappy heels, and her Glamorous look. She was looking Stunning making her way to the annual ball. But the audience seemed to have second thoughts for her dress of the night.

As soon as the picture been started going viral of celebrities on social media, wearing their Met Gala theme looks, people had negative comments for a few of the celebrities already, and from there Zoë Kravitz has been criticized for her complete sheer metal slip dress. People started having opinions about Zoë Kravitz, as they raised the question ‘why the actor “felt the need” to wear a dress “like this,”‘. But the actor did stand up for herself and made the statement for wearing what felt good for her. She replied to this criticism by the people about her dress that wearing a dress that makes her comfortable is a statement and that it is just a body and making someone feel bad about their body is “colonization/brainwashing”.  She made a perfect statement about people’s criticism and people should wear what they want to and not care about others’ opinions. Zoë Kravitz never cared about people nagging about her life and She also stated that Met Gala is about “wearing clothes and not let clothes wear you” and blending your own sense of style with the Designer itself which makes the whole look ravishing and exquisite. We love Zoë Kravitz’s way of dealing with the negative comments and this wasn’t the first time that people had some opinions about her life.

As rumored Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tantum might have been dating and it is in the air that they have made their relationship unofficially official by leaving together from Met Gala. Both the actors were dancing around the social media staying low and Channing Tantum also shared a picture of himself, Kravitz with Alicia Keys and Moses Sumney. Though they weren’t standing next to each other it was enough for the fans to go crazy about this rumor. The couple was styled by the same person for the event, Andrew Mukamal who also posted the complete amazing look of the actors separately on IG. Anonymous sources have been reported that the actors have been dating for a while and that they have been captured walking together, where Channing was holding Zoë’s purse. Well if it’s any true, we congratulate them for finding love in each other and we hope they make their relationship officially official. People who understand celebrities being private about their relationships are the fans who really support a particular celebrity. So we hope they stay happy together. And for other celebrity news look forward to our site ‘Researchblaze‘.

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