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Adam Sandler’s Friend Peter Dante Arrested For Threatening To Kill; Where Is He Now?


Peter Dante is familiar in the films like ‘Grandma’s Boy’ and alongside Adam Sandler in Big Daddy (1999), The Waterboy (1999). On September 15th, Peter Dante has been arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department around 9:40 am for menacing his neighbor. He has been charged with a felony and was later released at 6 pm the same day for the bond of $50,000. The court has ordered the date for him to show up with this matter on January 12, 2022. As reported by some media, Dante allegedly warned the neighbor about some noise as construction work been going on the neighbor’s house and that lead him to allegedly terrorize the neighbor about killing him and also injure the neighbor’s wife and kids. Cops have been called on the scene, and Dante was arrested for the criminal violation known as intimidation, which is also an offense in several US states.

Peter Dante has captured after the morning of the arrest in front of his house in a tie-dye sweatshirt and pair of green shorts and rumored to be barefoot seemingly empty his parked car. He looked unrecognizable with the extended hair. Dante and his representative did not make any comments or statements on this incident neither any other such details came out. The Police department of Los Angeles did not comment back as the matter was questioned by some media. The department refused to comment back. Whereas Peter Dante was also seen on social media after the arrest and bail, sharing a post to tribute the late comedian Norm Macdonald, who died battling cancer at the age of 61.

As reported, Peter Dante was also arrested before for a similar crime. He was accused back in 2013 of making threats to other people for some matter and had been thrown out of the hotel where the incident took place in Los Angeles. This incident eventually led to the arrest of Peter Dante. The police department did not make any comments about the situation.

Peter Dante has worked with his friend Adam Sandler in many movies and their collaborations resulted in the movies becoming quite successful among the viewers. He debuted in ‘The Wedding Singer’ in 1998, he also got the role of Gee Grenouille in ‘The Waterboy’ the same year alongside Adam Sandler. He played the role of Murph in ‘Mr. Deeds’ and Tommy Grayton in ‘Big Daddy’. His last movie with Adam Sandler was ‘Grown Ups 2’, which premiered in 2013 where he played the role of an officer named Dante. Along with this Peter Dante also worked in several Television shows for some episodes like in ‘The King of  Queens’, and ‘Typical Rick’. He also appeared in The ‘Larry Sanders Show in the year 1995. His most recent works are dubbing for the character ‘Peter’ in 2019 for an animated series titles Sugar and Toys. Recently he worked in the film titled ‘The Pizza Joint’ where he played the role of Bill which premiered this year around April. To know more news about Celebrities and entertainment check out our site ‘Research Blaze’.

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