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Rapper G-Eazy Still Held By Cops After Arrest Due To Assault Charges


Gerald Earl Gillum is popularly known as G-Eazy, the 32-year-old rapper was arrested last Monday and charged with assault. It has been reported G-Eazy has been into a fight with two people and ostensibly hit them in New Your City. As reported that Gerald Gillum punched one man which resulted in redness and swelling and then hit the other man as well. The victims refused to get medical attention then and there. The whole bar brawl happened on September 10th near the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in NYC, according to the spokesperson from NYC Police Department.  One of the victims also reported that G-Eazy s friend hit one guy with a glass bottle in the head that resulted in him getting admitted to the hospital.

G-Eazy was taken to the police and also issued desk appearance tickets for the assault. But it has been reported he isn’t in custody. G-Eazy has been seen to attend the Video Music award 2021 in New York two days after the alleged incident. He wore wearing a bright green suit with black pants for the night of the awards show. And no other details were commented by G-Eazy about the incident neither from the Police department as well.

The Rapper G-Eazy attended the VMAs with other celebrities like Lil Nas X, Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, Camila Cabello, Olivia Rodrigo, and Machine Gun Kelly. Some of them even performed on the night of the award show. G-Eazy has been busy with his new album being released. He announced the 4th studio album titled “These Things Happens Too” going to release on 24th September 2021 via BPG/RVG/RCA Records. The album is said to be the sequel for his 2014 hit album record “These Things Happen.” The album will also showcase other artists and a diverse work of music bringing back hip hop. The album is based on his life and how he evolved from the starting of his career as a rapper and his first top 10 single ‘Me, Myself & I’.

The announcement of the upcoming album has been published on his Youtube channel featuring a brand new title song in the background. The album is already creating a buzz as it has been reported one of his music videos will be with Demi Lovato and the name of the song title is ‘Breakdown’ not yet released but will be here soon enough so look forward to it. The album is going to be great so support the artists putting all the effort to give something out here through music.

G-Eazy has also appeared in few movies named Hustlers (2019), Tunnel Vision (2016), and a Tv program Kygo: Live at the Hollywood Bowl. G-Eazy has been interviewed recently where he disclosed about his life and that how everything is changing and so many things are attached to one life and that gave the inspiration for his upcoming album. So fans are already waiting for the album to drop, so look forward to his Youtube channel on September 24th for the upcoming album.

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