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Creepy ‘V/H/S/94’ Anthology Trailer Release By Shudder Streaming Service – Watch It Here


V/H/S/94, the upcoming horror anthology film trailer has been uploaded by the online streaming site ‘Shudder.’ The first V/H/S film was released back in 2012 at the Sundance Film Festival which got its popularity and demand to make two more spin-offs titled ‘V/H/S/2 ‘ released on 2013 and ‘V/H/S: Viral’ released on 2014. The film series has been reported to return titled ‘ V/H/S/94  premiered at Fantastic Fest and Beyond Fest this year. The trailer has been uploaded by the streaming service Shudder and the film will release under Shudder Original Films. It has been reported that the trailer already spooked out the audience which is a great start to enjoy the festive season of Halloween.

V/H/S film series is a found footage of horror anthology of short films where inside the film short different stories been told after getting found some VHS tape. In this fourth edition of the film series, V/H/S/94, a police swat team comes in the hand of a mysterious VHS tape that makes them search the whole place, some kind of warehouse in search of the horrific- sinister cult compound to uncover nightmarish collusion. The fourth film is directed by David Bruckner with other directors like Simon Barrett and Timo Tjahjanto, in addition to newcomers Jennifer Reeder, Ryan Prows, Chloe Okuno and produced by Bloody Disgusting with Cinepocalypse Productions, Studio71, and Raven Banner Entertainment helping to bring back the V/H/S film franchise. The film is a work of art because of line-up directors and video footage of nightmare horrors. And this is the best kind of horror movie that will make the Halloween season perfect.

The fourth sequel has been officially reported to release on 6th October 2021 on the Shudder streaming service. One of the producers commented on the experience of shooting the film in the Pandemic situation. Going places like motels, conference rooms and even underground to make the film more thrilling. The audience wants a good horror movie that has all the quality to make them stay up night and this might be the film that could make your night horrific. It has been reported this fourth edition will be different from the other three as they tried new things to make the horror real. The upcoming film has a big line of the cast as well like Anna Hopkins, Sean Patrick Dolan, Dru Viergever, Dax Ravina, Christian Lloyd, Kimmy Choi, Slavic Rogozine, Kevin P. Gabel, William Jordan, Kyle Durack, etc.

The trailer has been already uploaded, if you haven’t watched yet check out it here. If you haven’t watched any of this film series then you should totally give this a try in the coming spooky season with your partner in crime. The films have great demand among the viewers who have already watched the movies and that lead to the fourth edition of the film series. And we hope it continues to give us a more spooked-up horror storyline so the audience stays hooked up and wants more of it. Don’t forget to stream the film, once again it’s coming out on 6th October 2021 specifically on Shudder.

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