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Big E Talks About The WWE Return Of Brock Lesnar – Read Here


Big E is the current champion of his first WWE reign and performs under the brand. Big E was recently featured and talked about Brock Lesnar as he is back again in the latest segment of SummerSlam, staged in Las Vegas on August 21, and the reporters asked Big E to comment on Brock Lesnar’s return and new look.

Big E expressed in that interview he looked up to Brock Lesnar along with other big wrestlers in the ocean like Bill Goldberg, John Cena, etc. He congratulates Brock for his return and talking about how much of a big entertainer he is and so does he deserve to come back and teased Lesnar’s new hairstyle as a time pass thingy but after all, it is Brock Lesnar’s money and his choice. Big E in an interview revealed he wanted to compete with Bill Goldberg as he is the dream opponent that Big E has been looked up to since his childhood. He also commented that he could fight with Lesnar and also that he looks up to him as well.

Big E reveals about making his own spotlight uniquely and not go in between the big man’s ocean. Because he simply thinks he is not six-foot-tall big enough and does not want to fall in that such trend. He has different skills that he wanna show and make him apart from the spotlight of the big man’s group. Though he thinks the wrestlers like Brock Lesnar or Marck Henry have great skills of entertaining he doesn’t really want to follow the same steps. So he might just make his own spotlight of different skills to attract the viewers and audience watching WWE. WWE is one of the shows that has been famous and popular from 90’s childhood and nobody can ever let go of the show. Along with that people who regularly watch the show would totally want to see different things and techniques to make the show more entertaining vaguely.

Big E also talks about bullying, when you are new to some kind of sports they will break you but you have to make yourself. As reported the statements he revealed that the ‘bullies always take on the size smaller than them and never their own size simply because they are cowards’. He shared his thoughts and expressed how it is wrong for the world to do such things. He’ didn’t talk about much but he also revealed about not being the bigger guy but in future have to compete with them and to do that he needs a different kind of entertaining skills so that the audience can look up to him as well.  SO let’s look forward to his journey on the WWE stage and what he has on his plate. I mean what exactly WWE has stored for Big E to show his talent as a wrestler. The fans of Big E hopes that he presents himself as a different guy and with a new set of skills every time on the stage. For more such news check out our site.

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