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Gomorrah Season 5 Release Date; Will It Be The Series Finale?



The Italian television series ‘Gomorrah’ getting renewed for the fifth and final season. The series gained its popularity pretty much worldwide with an 8.6 IMBD rating. The series follows the genre of crime drama based on the same-titled book ‘Gomorrah’ written by Roberto Saviano published back in 2006. The first season came out in 2014 consisting of 12 episodes originally premiered on Sky Atlantic and Sky Cinema 1. The show reached its success and was reviewed by fans and critics as one of the best writing, directing, and characterizing most-watched series. The show was hugely filmed in Naples, Italy, and showed the real investigating sites and the locations were very thrilling as well.  Along with this, the show got its second season (2016), third season (2017), and fourth season (2019) consisting of 12 episodes each. This does tell the show ran very well and viewers of this show want more which leads to Gomorrah Season 5, which is supposed to come out this year.

Gomorrah Season 5 Release Date

The network Sky has already released footage of the fifth season that we can hope the season might get released at the end of this year 2021 or early 2022. One of the most-watched Sky originals that have been played already in 190 territories makes this TV show Italy’s biggest TV export. However, it is reported to be the last and final season of the show that might be sad but ending something at the right time is also the best decision and this series has been showered with love from the viewers who have already watched.  To conclude this section there are no confirmed dates that have been released for this show by the company or production house yet but it is coming soon enough. So let’s wait for the fifth season. People who haven’t got the chance to watch this show ‘Gomorrah’ yet, can stream the first to the fourth season on the box set Sky Atlantic and NOW, and due to its huge success HBO Max is also streaming the series for foreign viewers.

Gomorrah Season 5 Storyline And Cast

The storyline was inspired by the real-life crime stories that follow the high-rank mafia and the crimes around them. The action and murder plots got a shout-out from the fans of this show. Gomorrah Season 5 is said to continue the storyline from the last season of course which will lead to more crime-solving and thrilling explorations of the city. The shooting was going on in the pandemic situation, however, a BTS or a few minutes backstage video for season five has been released but no trailer has been officially released yet. We could expect that by fall this year. The names of the Gomorrah Season 5 cast are also not revealed but original casts that are alive in the show are there, but the audience is pretty excited for the new castings as reported. The show also has a spin-off film that premiered back in December 2019 titled ‘The Immortal’ (L’immortale) in theaters. The show is running well enough to be played around the world. So if you haven’t watched yet should totally check out.

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