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Overlord Season 4; Will The Release Date To Be Announced In September 2021?


‘Overlord’ first came out as a Light Novel written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. The light novel originally premiered online website back in 2010 but from 2012 the 14 volumes of Overlord Novel have been published by Enterbrain. In 2015, Madhouse Studio adapted to anime series, the first season came out with 13 episodes along that the second and third seasons as well released by 2018 with 13 episodes each. The show ran hugely outside Asia that gave the Studio to give details on the fourth season of ‘Overlord’. The anime series has &.8 IMBD rating. The genre of this anime follows dark fantasy adventure action drama. The Studio Madhouse already gave the confirmation about Overlord Season 4 that it is in production in May 2021.

The storyline follows a young boy character who’s been trapped inside a video game. he is a warrior king who tries to make a new world in the video game. As reported the season three of the anime series has been left on a cliffhanger. So the fourth season is supposed to carry on from the finale of last season. Overlord Season 4 plot could go with Ainz trying to build his place of heaven developing new ones but the monarch is against such an idea and they will fight against Ainz with other countries as well. The proceeding storyline is exciting but without watching the first three seasons it’s hard to enjoy the whole show. So people who didn’t watch the anime yet should totally check it out!

Now Fans have been waiting for the fourth season of ‘Overlord’ for years now and that it has been renewed officially we can expect the release date anytime soon this year by fall 2021 or early 2022. However, Madhouse Studio did not reveal the confirmed dates of the premiere yet but it is happening. And as soon the updates come out we will let you know till then be prepared for the latest season of Overlord.

The anime series also has a movie compilation that recaps season one of the shows, the first movie titled Overlord: The Undead King and the second movie titled Overlord: The Dark Warrior in 2017. The recent news came as the studio also updated on the movie as well. There will be an anime film for Overlord which will cover the Holy Kingdom Arc of the series. It has been reported the original voice cast will take the roles. There are no confirmed dates that have been revealed yet. Along with that, there is also a mobile game titled Mass for the dead that launched worldwide by 2020. People who have already watched the show have Overlord Season 4 and an anime film to look forward to till then they can check out the manga series as well that was published by Comp Ace magazine with 15 volumes from 2014 to 2020. And there ha been rumored to have the 15th volume to come out in the later future which might give the fans hope for the fifth season already. Though there are no such official details it is said the fourth season may not be the last season.

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