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Masamune Kun No Revenge Sequel Release Date; Renewed Or Cancelled?


Animation Studio Silver Link’s Japanese anime series “Masamune Kun no revenge” was written by Hazuki Takeoka and illustrated by Tiv. The manga was originally released from 2013 to 2019 in 11 volumes. And the adaptation of the anime series took place in 2016 by the Studio Silver Link directed by Mirai Minato. The premiere of the first season happened back in 2017 that consisted of 12 episodes. The anime series follows the genre of Romantic – Comedy which made the viewers of this show question at the end of the first season finale episode with ‘ What happened next?’ It’s been already four years and fans are eager to know about the Masamune Kun No Revenge Sequel Release Date. Though the anime series wasn’t supposed to run for long as rumored. But with the recent manga volume has been released we can expect the second season soon enough hopefully.

According to the studio Silver Link, there are no official updates have been given for the Masamune Kun No Revenge Sequel Release Date. “Masamune Kun no revenge”. But the Studio did not cancel the show as well. As rumored the show may not get its second season. The first season did leave the show in a cliffhanger that made the fans and viewers of this show demand for the second season and we can still hope for it to happen. But there are no official dates disclosed by the Studio yet.  The debut season needs its justification with the second season of “Masamune Kun no revenge”.

The plot revolves around a teen boy character named Masamune Makabe who takes revenge for his past of being bullied. As he was chubby he worked hard to lose weight to get revenge on the girl who broke his heart for such a reason. He gets on the mission to become the most popular guy and come close to Aki who rejected him. It is a rom-com anime series that has mixed reviews from the audience who have watched it. The second season should continue from the finale of the first season as they go on the trip to Paris and maybe Masamune won’t take the rejection of Aki as her reason for doing such because she hated boys but to know what happens next, we do need a second season. There are no official updates on the second season plot or storyline, all we can do is hope that the studio takes the show forward so the audience could get the debut season finale answers.

Despite all of this, the series 2018’s OVA episodes don’t talk about the ending of the show but it shows the conclusion of the entire storyline and the reason to do such is to promote the finale of manga volume towards the maximum audience. The sales were up as well which means it did attract the fans and the demand for the second season has become more a thing than before now that there is source material we could expect the second season of “Masamune Kun no revenge” to happen for real. But due to the covid situation, there are no official updates yet.

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