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My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Release Date And Launch Of Preview Footage


My Hero Academia‘ is a Japanese manga by Kohei Horikoshi that is adapted into anime series and movies. The manga gets published in Weekly Shonen Jump, a Japanese Magazine. The manga has 30 volumes first released in 2014 with spinoffs as well. ‘My Hero Academia’ copies have been sold over million copies. The anime series follows the coming of age with a superhero- action – comedy-drama genre.

The Four seasons of the anime series have already been released from 2016 to 2020 with episodes of 25 each except the first season of the show which consists of 13 episodes. And the recent official premiere of the fifth season happened this year 2021, on 27th March. The show has been broadcasted by the network of ytv and NTV.  The anime series also has its own movies titled ”My Hero academia: Two Heroes” released in 2018 and “My Hero academia: Heroes Rising” in 2019. Along with that, the third movie is in development as reported by the studio and the title has been revealed “My Hero academia: World Heroes Mission” which is going to premiere sometime in this year 2021. There has no official date been released for the movie yet. The series has great reviews worldwide with 8.4 IMBD ratings.

About the Plot of the manga ‘My Hero Academia’

The character Izuku Midoriya has no unique powers and has been facing bullies from his classmates who have special powers. But his dream is to become a great hero by joining the highest rated best school for ‘Hero academics’ in the country U.A. High school. His dream is to become like his idol All might and getting his help he goes on the adventure to become one. To know all the parts you have to check out the chapters of the manga series but here is a little recap of the new My Hero Academia chapter 326. Till last chapter 325, Mineta tries to get Deku but Ida stops him.  Deku saves Kota and another woman earlier and they thank him for saving their lives. They console and hug each other and the scenes get very emotional. It’s not confirmed that Deku would stay in the facility forever. They also don’t have enough manpower to fight the enemies but they have to do with whatever resources they have access to. Proceeding to that Hawks give a speech that connects the civilians and The principal informs Aizawa to disclose the news of UA. He goes on to ask about Kurogiri. And the information available about the League of Villains, they can now begin a counterattack. Continuing to that there has been no update or leak for the My Hero Academia chapter 326 but we can learn that the UA counterattack is set to take place. Deku has a place to take a rest with other students as he has been protecting them as well. In the upcoming release, we will find out about the AFO being different from them and that how enemies take revenge from UA to hold still till the end.

Release date of the ‘My Hero Academia: chapter 326’:

As reported, My Hero Academia chapter 326 is supposed to get released by 12th September 2021, hardly on the 13th. To read the ‘Me Hero Academia chapter 326: you can check out the sites  VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus.

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