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Dive Club Season 2 Renewal Status And Release Date Updates – Is It Canceled?


The new Australian series ‘Dive Club’ is streaming on the platform ‘Netflix’. We could say that it’s another Netflix’s teen drama, that has nothing but a repetition of teenagers partying, drinking, drugs, and sex. But this series takes other paths which seem to get the crowd getting a hold on it. ‘Dive Club’ is a teenage thriller drama directed by Steve Jaggi with 12 episodes in the first season. The Aussie thriller got some great reviews from the people who expected this series to be another same old genre teenage drama but it’s not the plot holds a great storyline and the adventure is the new flavour to make the series spicy. It has been rumored to be a rare teen drama that kids can also watch which is usually a question when a teen drama release. ‘Dive Club’ was released this year (2021) around may and the audience seems to like this new series that could lead to its Dive Club Season 2 already.

About the Plot of ‘Dive Club’

The first season of the teen drama ‘Dive club’ sets around the characters working as lifelong diver associates in a small town Cape Mercy. The four main characters Maddie, Lauren, Anna, and Stevie are part of the Titular Club. And showing the lifestyles of the characters the real mystery begins as one of the teen characters goes missing in the ocean which leads the characters to start their investigation to find their gal pal. The adventure is packed with a series that would tell the audience to binge-watch and solve the mystery. The best part is always the finale, in which either we can be relieved or wait for more to happen to hold on to our anxiety. And this drama exactly knows how to show the finale as it gets messier and into the mystery which leaves the last episode as a cliffhanger. The drama shows pretty beautiful scenarios of the places where it’s been shot that is Port Douglas, Queensland. And to hold onto this we might just need more episodes.

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What are the chances of ‘Dive Club’ being renewed?

There are pretty good chances as the first season leaves the finale in a cliffhanger which needs more episodes to reveal what comes next. The teen drama could take on many plots after that to run long which we hope it does. The creator of the show knows exactly how to keep the audience in the loop, to come back for more. But the show has no new updates for Dive Club Season 2 yet. The production house is supposed to give some details which we might get soon enough. Cancellation of ‘Dive Club’ is likely to happen as how the first season ended and the demand for the second season is high. So all we need to do is wait and till we get the confirmed dates for the second season. If you haven’t watched the drama yet, then I would suggest you check out a show. It is already running on Netflix. There could be not getting the season as well because in few places the show hasn’t been released yet. For them, it’s supposed to get premiered around September. For more information check out our site.

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