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Jessica Alba’s Oldest Daughter ‘Honor’ Totally Looks Like Her Twin As She Becoomes An 8th Grader


Jessica Alba, 40, is one of the successful and famous actresses in Hollywood. As an actor, Jessica Alba is a great one and also she did tons of movies that show love for her passion for acting. But As a mother, she is a super cool mom for her kids. She shares and posts on social media about her family showing glimpses of her enjoy being with them. Jessica met her husband, Cash Warren on the sets of the famous Fantastic Four movie, but things took a slow flight for them to get together, and eventually dating started, it becomes an on and off thing. And this lead to Jessica became pregnant with her first child, Honor Marie Warren in 2008 when Cash and Jessica decided to get married as well. Jessica Alba never was serious about getting married whereas Cash wanted to but eventually, when they came as husband and wife it felt great as stated by Jessica in an interview.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are now parents of 3 beautiful children, the oldest Honor Warren, 13, Haven Warren,10, and the little one Hayes Warre, 3. Both the parents are proud mom and dad who loves their children so much and also shares adorable pictures of them on social media for the fans so that they can also gush over the family. Jessica alba recently shared her oldest daughter Honor’s first day as an 8th-grader look on Instagram, she posted her cute pictures wearing a cute green cardigan along with a white turtle neck and blue skirt, the last picture where she is hugging her daughter because she is growing up and she captioned that she is so proud and crying!

The best part is that Jessica alba’s daughter Honor looks like her mother’s twin as also pointed by the TikTok celebrity Tinx in the comment section. And others also flooded with comments to wish luck for Honor’s first day as an 8th grader. Jessica also shared Honor’s steps of becoming herself by finding her voice and speaking up her thoughts. I mean we all should do that right? And Honor shows the glow-up by sharing that she wants to spend more time with her mother alone as reported in an interview. The Instagram post went viral and people are gushing over the adorable mother-daughter duo. It’s one of the best relationships one could ever have in their life. So if you have such an adorable relationship with someone who means a lot to you, don’t hesitate to show them the love they deserve to get from you.

Along with this Jessica Alba shares in an interview how this situation made her more than ever close to her family by spending so much time with them. She shares that the girls and her do foot baths and skincare routines together more than ever which is a fun time. She recently visited Dubai but she couldn’t experience it wholly as reported she wants to take her children to that part of the world, because it is beautiful and so much to explore just like being a parent.

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