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Tony Dow, Famous For His Work In ‘Leave It To Beaver’ Has Been Hospitalized With Pneumonia – How Is He Now?


The former child cast from ‘Leave it to beaver’, Tony Dow, now 76-year-old producer, director, and TV show actor has been hospitalized on Thursday. As reported by TMZ, Tony Dow has been in the Emergency room for 24 hours. He’s been tested negative for covid-19 and in fact, Tony dow’s wife, Lauren commented that he has been tested 5 times and all the time he tested negative. Due to the covid situation, it was hard to get nay bed but eventually, the treatment started. Lauren revealed that the doctors told, that he will be recovered soon and can be released out in a week. It was rumored and reported that he was dealing with Depression as well.

Tony dow is best known for his role as Wally Cleaver in the ‘Leave it to Beaver TV show, brother of Ward Cleaver played by Hugh Beaumont. And Another cast is Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver played by Jerry Mathers and Barbara Billingsley played June Cleaver. The TV show aired in 1957 which was a hit show in America but unfortunately, it got canceled after the first season of ‘Leave it to beaver’ as it wasn’t an instant hit and had unimpressive ratings. But the show renewed for the second season eventually in 1958 and it ended with two seasons only. Universal Pictures also released a film titled ‘Leave it to Beaver’ based on the series played by a new cast but the same characters almost. The original cast members of the TV series did a cameo on the 1997 movie.

Tony Dow eventually spinning-off with his roles and guest roles in movies and changing careers by directing and producing. He directed ‘Babylon 5,’ ‘Harry and the Hendersons (the show), ‘Swamp Thing,’ ‘Coach,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,’ and also has works in visual effects in the show ‘Doctor who’. You can watch his films on movie sites like The Greatest Show on Earth,’ ‘Never Too Young,  ‘Knight Rider, ‘The Love Boat,’ ‘Mod Squad,’  ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ etc.  Tony Dow has a great career as a noted sculptor and he spends time to be perfect in it. His famous works have been featured in Louvre as well. He’s one of the famous Hollywood celebrities to be around and such an incredibly talented guy.

The guy has a huge career in Hollywood and people would love to see more of his work eventually one’s he is recovered. More news about him has not been released yet but we are looking forward to knowing more about such a situation. It has been also reported by the media that recently one of the casts of ‘Leave it to Beaver’, Ken Osmond died at the age of 76, in Los Angeles in 2020. He played the role of Eddie Haskell Sr. in the TV series. Well, life is all about this but in between what you do makes you ‘YOU’.  We wish Tony Dow a speedy recovery and soon to be doing his works for the fans and people who follow him. Tony Dow’s wife even Thanked the media for keeping records on him while commenting on his situation.

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