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Lee Min-Ho And Former Momoland Member Yeonwoo Spotted Together – Are They Dating Eachother?


The dating news breaks a few hours back that the famous Korean actor, Lee Min-ho, 34 dating the former member of the famous K-pop girl group Momoland, Yeon Woo, 25. The news has been driving the media all over. It has been rumored that the two love birds, Lee Minho and Yeon Woo been dating for about 5 months now.

They have been spotted by the Korean media outlet, Dispatch, as reported, Lee Min-ho threw a birthday bash on his house for the former member of Momoland, on the night of 31st July and waited till midnight, august 1st to celebrate the birthday of Yeon Woo. They have been going to the movies and sneaking out to each other. Dispatch shared pictures of the love birds going to the movie dates. Lee Min-ho personally picked up Yeon Woo in the parking lot and headed towards the COEX Megabox for a late-night movie date and a long drive afterward. The media outlet also reported that Lee Min-ho and Yeon Woo came close to each other by sharing their interests and hobbies like watching movies and gaming, which they often play. Two of them have also been spotted to go to each other’s house as it is in walking distance, more of like 5-minutes walk and is been rumored that due to covid situation they have been dating and spending time with each other like this for about 5 months now.

An acquaintance mentioned to the Dispatch that, Lee Min-ho doesn’t hide his relationships and if he goes on dates he would come upfront in public. However, all this news and the whole situation have been denied by Lee Min-ho’s agency MYM Entertainment. They commented on them for being together that they are just ‘acquaintances’ and are not dating each other. The Entertainment also commented on the parking lot pictures and explained to the media, that going to the movies wasn’t a date, they were not only the two people in the car. There were other friends with them as well. It was just an outing. Lee Min-ho and Yeon Woo didn’t speak or commented on any of the situation of them being dating each other.

Lee Min-ho has been previously linked to other Korean celebrities and the news of him dating former idol and current actress Bae Suzy and also dated City Hunter co-star  Park Min-young. Some of his such news have been proved false later.

Other news of them also took a great spin on the media, as Yeon Woo left former K-pop group MOmolan in 2019. The MLD Entertainment released the reports that Yeon Woo would be leaving the group even if she has affection for each of the members and the group but won’t be able to cope up with her schedule as currently working as an actress. Lee MIn-ho has been busy with his new filming ‘Pachinko’ for apple TV drama and has also been reported to appear in KBS Wednesday/Thursday TV drama ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’. Check drama sites to watch their K-dramas.

As the Korean entertainment breaking the couple news as Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush confirmed their dating, we are also looking forward to Lee Min-ho and Yeon Woo to confirm their dating rumors.

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