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Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 Release Date And Every Latest Update 2021


Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2

The Japanese light novel series ‘Hai to Gensō no Gurimugaru’ is commonly titled ‘Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash‘.  The novel is written by Ao Jūmonji and illustrated by Eiri Shirai which was adapted in 12- episode television series directed by Ryosuke Nakamura. The first season of the anime series was released in 2016, it follows the genre of Action, Dark Fantasy, Isekai. The series holds a 7.5 IMBD rating. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash has a great plot reviewed by many fans worldwide about how the characters show real emotions of reality with many forms of emotional development. The Japanese novel series may not be somewhat like other light-good feeling fantasy series because it shows the unusual sights which might be absent in other anime series. But overall different is good and that’s why people who love anime should totally watch the series.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Storyline 

The anime series follows the storyline of the character ‘Haruhito’ who wakes up nowhere in the darkness with other groups of people with the feeling of loss in a fantasy world.  The characters tussle to survive the place and are forced to hunt monsters to stay alive. The series conveys that how struggling it is to be trapped somewhere and to live like that the next day again. ‘Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash’ sounds to be a type of anime series with great fights and combats which is true but it also holds the emotions among the characters and their relationships. The first season shows the character development as to how the group struggles to survive each day with no memories of their past in this life.  The characters portray seriousness and the break-times in the forest show their relationship with each other. But there is more place for adventure to happen which gives the fans the thought of having a second season.

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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2 Release Date

The talk about the second season following up the first season is in the air. The anime series has good reviews by the fans and that it deserves a second season. Because the story felt incomplete and slow-paced which also could be the reason that the series may not get a second season. But it has been rumored that ‘Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash’ is in the works but there are no official updates for the release date. The studio didn’t reveal any news about a possible happening of the second season of the anime series.  With the current situation, many anime movies/series are being delayed and with that in mind, we can expect to have a second season of the anime series be back by 2022 as reported. There are no promises but people should totally check out the series on any anime site. The series has a good storyline but what holds the fans most are the artwork and how it appears to be.

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