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Blend S Season 2 – Every Latest Update On Its Release Date And Other News


The Japanese comic manga series ‘Blend S‘ ( Burendo Esu) adapted by the studio A-1 Pictures aired in 2017 with a 12-episode directed by Ryōji Masuyama is in the talks for the second season of the mini-series. The anime ‘Blend S’ is illustrated and created by Miyuki Nakayama. Burendo Esu has four-volume that is a 4-panel manga series.  The anime is an entertainment-comedy-romantic drama and the first season has gained a lot of appreciation from critics and fans around the world. Well, which lead to inquiries about the second season of the manga series.

Blend S Season 2 Plot

The storyline revolves around the character Maika Sakuranomiya, a 16-year-old high school girl. She struggles to find a part-time job so that she can seat for exams abroad later but it’s a hectic thing as she hates her smile and that when she smiles she gets rejected from such jobs. However, an Italian Cafe manager named Dino hires Maika in his coffee shop, Café Stile. Starting to that she gets hold of her behavior which is kinda sadistic and evil personality and her hilarious smile by choosing its unique quality out of it which also eventually makes her the famous member among the other waitresses working in the cafe. The series plot has a funny storyline and struggling with one’s life that makes the anime viewable worldwide.  And the character Maiku shows the personality of the childish, ebullient, and humorous side which makes the cartoon pretty amazing to watch.

Is Blend S Season 2 Out Yet?

Well, fans and viewers have the same question that will there be a second season of ‘Blend S’.  It is pretty popular to get the second season happening which is in demand for renewal in 2021. But there are no official dates have been released by the studio yet.  Since the two volumes already have been published there could be a green signal for adaptation for the second series. The creator Miyuki Nakayama has been busy and in charge of getting the fans great works in this year so all we can do is wait and hope to get the second season of ‘Blend S’ (Burendo Esu) soon enough. The second season will probably continue from season one as been rumored.

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Blend S Season 2 – Delayed Renewal

Due to the pandemic situation we know many movies/ series are getting delayed so as well anime series/ movies might get delayed for renewal. But not to worry people who didn’t watch the series yet should totally check it out the first season before running the second season as it’s a great energetic humorous series to watch. The artwork and outlandish storyline totally invested the fans to hang on to it. And if you have already watched the series you can check out some of the similar other series as well:  ‘Love Live! School idol project’,  ‘Taradora’, ‘ K-one’, ‘Servent X Service’, ‘Himouto! Umaru-chan. As the genre follows to be a slice of life and comedy people can check out the anime sites for more such anime series.

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