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Sarah Paulson Reveals Herself To Be A Major Swiftie On Twitter – Check It Out


Sarah Paulson, driving through the world of social media revealed on Twitter on August 25 that she is a ‘Swiftie.’ Fans of the 46-year-old actress tweeted about which Taylor Swift Song be listened to and Sarah tweeted back giving a shout-out to the song ‘Evermore’ from the album Evermore by Taylor Swift released last December. The album sold over a million copies and was showered with love by people worldwide. The Evermore album also broke the record for one-week vinyl album sales in the US.

We all have a favorite Taylor Swift song from the moment we listen to her, and so did Sarah Paulson by tweeting back another message by a fan asking if she is a Swiftie? and she replied that she is a ‘Major’ Swiftie. And eventually, this made the fans go crazy, retweeting the tweets to combine the two worlds and make some big headlines about the actress we all look forward to seeing on the big screen always. As both the Celebrity is pretty busy with their schedule, as Taylor Swift is on her way to re-record and release her 2012 famous album ‘Red’, the record sold over 70 million worldwide making it a second-best-selling album last year. Taylor has many best-selling albums and great songs with lyrics you wanna listen to, is really hard to choose. And the way the Swifties are increasing worldwide is crazy, so it is pretty obvious Sarah is in love with Taylor Swift, c’mon who isn’t?

Sarah Paulson has also been busy with her recent schedule as been told she will return soon, reported doing American Horror Story- Double feature, releasing the tenth season of the FX anthology TV Series and also Impeachment: American Crime Story, which is a limited series, talking about the first impeachment of U.S. President through the eyes of the women going such events. There are not many details about when the shows will release yet. But look forward to it and check out our page “Researchblaze” for more details.

Sarah Paulson, back in 2020 starred in the Netflix movie titled ‘Run’ which is a mystery-thriller, the box office went $3.5 million and the movie showed really great story. She also made a huge success with the Netflix Series titled ‘Ratched’, I mean who doesn’t like psychological thrillers? well yes, fans are looking forward to the second season of the series. There are many psychological/thriller/mystery/ horror shows and movies to look forward to in the coming years. Sarah Paulson’s movies and shows hold great stories and such great genres that people are meant to fall in love with her acting. As the famous meme goes by ‘She understands the assignment’ according to the movie lovers. She’s been staring in the TV show American Horror Story along with that watch out for her other movies and shows like American Crime Story (2011-present), Ratched (2020-present), Run (2020), Ocean’s Eleven (2018), Blue jay (2016), ’12 Years a Slave’ (2013), Mrs. America (2020).  Sarah Paulson has a net worth of $12 million. And we all are looking forward to the new movies and shows starring her.

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