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Jojo Siwa Talks About Girlfriend Kylie Prew And Being Together With Her


The famous influencer on social media, who just turned 18th on 19th May, Jojo Siwa talks about her girlfriend Kylie Prew and we can’t keep calm because of how adorable they look together.  Jojo Siwa is pretty famous among the young generation and how she expresses her feelings and thoughts of one’s sexuality and influences people to come out and be proud of themselves. The Dance Mom’s Celebrity Jojo Siwa recently gushed about her girlfriend in an interview about coming out in public and how they want to be ‘together forever,’ absolutely a dream!

She talked about they met and showing to the world after she came out two weeks later as an LGBTQ+ Community before telling the news of her girlfriend Kylie on Instagram.  She talks about her new dating life and how they manage to communicate in such times as JoJo lives in California and Kylie lives across the country, usually, the goodbyes are the hardest.  Jojo even shared a story on Instagram, bawling her eyes out as she had to leave, and that’s the saddest part of the long distanced relationships. But She reveals whatever time they get being together, they share everything with each other and everything. Jojo and Kylie posted many adorable pictures of them together that fans are in love with.


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Jojo also talks about her sexuality and that coming out for her was really scary at first. She expresses if people don’t support her being herself or even the LGBTQ+ Community then there is no means of watching her videos and buying her merchandise. She also added about her girlfriend that how amazing and wonderful Kylie Prew is and how they support each other in all the struggles. Her pictures with Kylie Prew have over 1 million likes on Instagram that shows how much the fans love her and their relationship. Jojo is not scared anymore about what other people think of her and her relationship and life cause she is living THE life she wanted for herself. She is honored that she has someone like Kylie in her life as she shared her feelings for her.

Jojo and Kylie met in 2019 December on a cruise ship and how they facetime each other all the time. Jojo talked about her girlfriend in many interviews and expressed the love and joyfulness in her life even though the relationship is long distanced.  She shared all this news with the world by celebrating one month’s anniversary of her dating girlfriend Kylie Prew.  And they do make an adorable couple.  They also celebrated Pride month and five-month anniversary together by sharing stories on Instagram from both of their Instagram handles.  They even shared many boomerangs being cute and how close they are to each other.  Jojo also confesses that she’s never been this happy even on being tour as much she is with her girlfriend. And it seems to be true but she does love her fans as well.  So don’t worry!  Check out this site for Jojo and Kylie’s interview :


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