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B.I Quits K-pop Group iKON After Allegation Of Taking Illegal Drugs


Kim Han-bin, famously known as B. I from the K-pop group iKON debuted in 2015  reportedly posted on his official social media (Instagram) confessing he wanted to use drugs and apologizing for his behavior against it to his fans and other members of the group.  B. I was reported ostensibly of buying drugs like marijuana and LSD back in 2016, and the news came in front of the world on June 16th that astounded the fans and the company label YG Entertainment.  It was reported anonymously that B. I ‘ s drug charges weren’t investigated properly back in 2016 and to that Yang Hyun-suk, former CEO of YG Entertainment helped to cover up the story. Yang Hyun-suk also has allegations of prostitution and gambling. YG Entertainment also struggled with the company’s stock that went down and other shares. According to the reports made by an informant, Yang Hyun-suk was also accused of intimidating the informant and wanted to close the case in the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office.

Yang Hyun-suk, former CEO and producer of YG Entertainment had to step down due to allegations of gambling on him and drug use of his company’s member B. I.  The 22-year old idol reported buying marijuana and LSD and seemed to be using them in 2016 news broke when he confessed about taking drugs and leaving the group shortly. The first trial took place in the Seoul Central District Court charges made against the idol for violating the narcotics law of South Korea.  He cleared the air by admitting a statement to all the charges against him about purchasing and using drugs.

As he acknowledged doing such allegations, the prosecution of the Seoul District Court sentenced B. I for three years of prison and a fine of 1.5 million won that had to be presented by him.  It’s also been reported he had to take several drug tests and went through investigations about dealing with drugs. But last year November it has come to the news that B. I have been tested negative for using any drugs.  The whole news was reported firstly by South Korean news agency Yonhap. Dispatch also released reports on accusations of drug crimes by  B. I.

B. I officially faced the media and confessed about his situation and bowed down to the fans and people for his behavior. He is ashamed and apologized for buying drugs but he never confessed to using any of them. ‘iKONic’ fandom name of iKON has supported the rapper of iKON in such times. Its also been revealed that his little sister has been bulled for B.I’s accusation of using drugs at her school. iKONic tweeted and retweeted about all the statements made by them and supported the member with all love.  They expressed by sharing humble words and it’s true that people face such times but trying to recover and move forward to that is a struggle people have to make sometimes.

The police ordered the media outlet not to take interviews to B.I about the drug accusation and the drug dealers. And this is not the first time that YG Entertainment has been accused of something for few years they have been going through many scandals around them. For more check out the page ‘Research Blaze’.

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