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‘Jealous’ Of Shia Labeouf, Admits Christy Carlson Romano, Years After Starring Together In Disney Channel’s Even Stevens


The 37-year – old actress Christy Carlson Romano confesses her saltiness against Shia LaBeouf, that she was jealous of his rise in Hollywood screens.  Christy and Shia played siblings as Louis and Ren in the Disney Channel TV show Even Stevens which appeared from 17th June 2000 to 3rd June 2003.  Christy Carlos admits that she didn’t speak to Shia LaBeouf for over 2 decades and that they were not very close in the sets as well.

She expresses her working days with former co-star Shia with very much positivity but also the upsetting thing that went for her, by which she meant politics in the industry. As we all know that plays a great role to get a good role in such industries. She uploaded the video on her YouTube channel expressing her feeling and thoughts about it. Christy shared few incidents like how Shia LaBeouf snubbed her after he won the Emmy award for outstanding performer in children’s series and that he thanked the whole table of the cast and not her, which basically sadden her. Back in the working days, she shared her dressing room with former co-star Shia. She also shares the time of working there and how it felt. they both had a great family cast in the show but the fighting might have taken to off-show as well.

Christy Carlson also teased Shia LaBeouf for his role in ‘Peanut Butter Falcon’ in 2019 which is a comedy-drama. She even discussed the backstage working like how the budget wasn’t enough to pull off the stunts and that they could have taken more responsibility about the matter, while Shia was the clown that made the place happening and she let the thing happened.

Christy Carlson Romano is the mother of two beautiful daughters who claimed would love to work for Disney if given the chance again. As she was loyal to the Company she would totally return to make the reboot happen.  She expressed many other things which you can check out on her YouTube Channel down here:

She also posted a video on her Youtube Channel named ‘Christy Carlson Romano’ which has 274k subscribers, about ‘Why she Doesn’t talk to Shia LaBeouf’ recently with views of 159,697.  She honestly claims that they were more of co-workers rather than friends in the workplace but they did have a knack for comedies that made them famous to get the part in the show ‘Even Stevens’.  She talks about how insecure she felt as she was moving across the country to follow her dreams. Shia Labeouf was very the person that can meddle with people easily stand that could be the reason for him growing big but eventually dealing with the laws in later years of the actor’s career.  But she also was honored to work there with him and building a place for herself back then. She also confesses that if she could give more time and energy to him then maybe they would have been close in recent years. But times move on and people do too.

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