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Tyler Baltierra Shares His Fitness Journey With Pics Of His Muscle Gain And V-Body On Instagram Handle


Teen mom Tyler Baltierra, recently posted his body transformation picture on social media. The 29- year-old star shared him before and after picture of his 34-lb. weight gain, (which he did within a year) on Instagram on June 10. He started to share his fitness journey on social media keeping the heat on!

He updated on his changes revealing the details about how he looked at 165 pounds and 199 pounds with the picture on Instagram. His journey should motivate others to take the step towards their changes in life. You can clearly see the change in him by comparing the photos posted by him on his social media.

Here’s a picture of him flexing his back muscle where you can totally see the V shape that he worked out for sure! You can check out his other pictures on social media where he went full shirtless showing his body which is quite a treat for the fans. The post got likes of 17,914 and recording. And comments filled with love and admiration towards his dedication for taking the step.

His recent post that he posted a few hours ago hit the likes of 52.9k and recording, I have to say. Fans are going crazy about the changes and how amazing he is looking. He typed out his thoughts about this transformation he started, on the Instagram post with the picture. People needing motivation should totally check it out that might help in your journey of change.


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His wife Catelyn Lowell congratulated him in the comments admiring his hard work and commitment towards his goals. The couple knew best for the ‘Teen Mom” franchise. They debut in the series show ’16’ and ‘Pregnant’ back in 2009. Looks like the only couple going on strong with all the struggles and challenges they faced on their path of being together. He is also a dad of three children, Carly, 11, Novalee, 6, Vaeda, 2, and excited about the fourth one. Tyler and his wife Catelyn expressed their excitement about being parents for such beautiful children. They are excited for the changes and a new baby on the way. His wife supporting him all the way is amazing to see and both of them putting out so much for the family is pure love for one another. He also bought a farmhouse built by Great Lakes Captain George W. Smith. He loves to improve houses besides his passion for working on his fitness.


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A post shared by Tyler Baltierra (@tylerbaltierramtv)

Tyler also shared his enthusiasm about changing himself, he also said he is not going to stop until unless he reaches his goal weight, and also realized how hard it is and how much effort it takes to be the change. He also typed out for his fans in a caption on the Instagram post that he wants to gain muscle mass more. He wanted to do this for a long time which gives you the motivation to see the change in yourself. So look out for his final chance with the busy schedule he is doing fine and fans are looking forward to it.

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