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Stephen A. Smith Got Schooled By Snoop Dogg On Weed While Guest Histing The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show


Snoop Dogg Schooling Stephen A. Smith on weeds. Clearly, the whole world knows Snoop Dogg’s love for weed which also caused his legal issues but recently He took the stand and talks about weed/marijuana and how it’s affecting the players but also to stop punishing them for using marijuana. The NBA and the NFL loitering behind major North American Professional Sports Leagues for the policy of drug testing as reported.

Snoop Dogg appeared on ‘ The Jimmy Kimmel Live show ‘ last night whereas guest was hosted by Stephen A. Smith instead of Jimmy. They talk about how Stephen A. Smith tells his sportsmen to stay away from drugs and weeds for losing their money and that Snoop agrees or disagrees with this or not. As Snoop Dogg talked about it in the past, he explains the situation and positions the athletes to come with, they have commissioners, rules, regulations, and tests to stay honest and fit for their play. They need to stay away from such things and he agrees to that.

But when it’s come to people like him and entertainers he talks about how they don’t have a commissioner and they don’t get tested on drugs or any of it. Athletes have strict rules for this, Every other Person knows about it and that it could lead to the worst situation for taking any drugs or weed while being in the game for the Athletes.

They keep the conversation going on how this could go wrong for the Athletes and could take the path of addiction for them so it’s better to do a drug test and if found positive, they should be fined. But we can see rapper Snoop totally disagree with this fact that sportsperson shouldn’t be fined for such reason, as marijuana or cannabis could be taken as painkillers as well without letting the athletes having any side effects of actual pain killer drugs. He expressed that it should be legalized for basketball and football because baseball and hockey do not test their sportsperson for drugs. He keeps on giving the reason why it’s okay for the athletes to take in situations they can’t control but rely on that without having any side effects clearly. And that they shouldn’t be fined for having some in need. But we also know that everything has a consequence so we should keep that in mind and do the right thing for the people in need.

Love for weed by Snoop Dogg:

SnoopDogg takes this side as he also talked about fighting to legalize the taxation for cannabis and other herbs. He already has his own brand of marijuana products called Leafs By Snoop (LBS). Also includes edibles( food infused with cannabis), marijuana flowers, and concentrates. He has been open about this for a long time now, he took his time to develop the products for the customers. The rapper hopes that this could lead to some betterment in need. Drug abuse occurs in all sports and the reasons could be many but to use it in the right way is the statement.

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