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Tesla To Work On A “Tesla Bot” Which Will Help You Do Your House Chores With Tesla Self Driving Capabilities


Tesla with its innovation has made many people’s lives easier. Introducing automated cars has saved a lot of our time. But Tesla doesn’t want to stop here, they are back at it again with a “Tesla Bot” to help you or do all your house chores for you.

Tesla has been popular for the electronic and automated cars that they have been developing since 2003. The company is Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States. The company is also known for its battery energy storage and roof solar cells. 

Earlier the company announced that they will launch a Cyber Truck which is designed to have the utility of a truck with sports car performance in 2021, but they have added the Tesla bot to their list as well.

This Tesla Bot was introduced to the crowd on Thursday at a Tesla AI event that was celebrating Tesla’s AI Day. Elon Musk described this new Tesla bot as a humanoid which is a non-human creature or being, or a robot, with human form or characteristics and can also be described as walking computers made up of many network connections.

Tesla cars are often referred to as robots on wheels and thus the company wanted to bring in the same concept inside people’s homes and wants to apply those same principles to a human form. With the humanoid comes a fear that it being a machine, at last, may cause damage at some point. Elon Musk cleared out this fear stating that the robots will be developed to be friendly with human beings but if any such inconveniences occur while using the bot humans always have an option to run away from the device. The bot is designed to have a slower speed than humans which is approximately five miles per hour and thus any human can escape quickly if any mishappenings occur.

Musk also shared a sample image/ structure of the humanoid. In the head region, the hot had screens and cameras which were on autopilot and thus had automatic control provided in it. The lower areas like the limb areas were made out of low-weight materials that will help the humanoid to move better without discomfort and increase its work performance. Near the stomach, there would be a computer to monitor the whole body of the humanoid and it would be a Full-Self Driving computer which is better than the computers used in Tesla’s cars. Cars today do not have a fully autonomous computer but the Full-Self Driving computer capable of delivering intelligent performance and control to enable a new level of safety and autonomy.

This bot has abilities to learn tasks even though they are repetitive or boring. The bot can even perform high-end dangerous tasks without any complaints. These tasks can range from laundry, mopping, cleaning, bringing groceries, cleaning the garden, watering plants, packaging your orders, etc. The machine will do all sorts of work for you even though it’s time-consuming.

Tesla wishes to develop a model of the bot mostly next year and wishes to do so soon for all its customers.

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