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Buddy Murphy Teases New Ring Name Seen In His New Thrilling Promo Video


The professional Australian wrestler Buddy Murphy is back in the ring with a new name. He teased the fans using a video series that has three parts. He is known for his work at WWE matches bug a few days earlier had got relied on from the company and the whole plot of the video series is how he got free and now will enter the ring independently. 

Buddy was released from the WWE contract due to Vince McMahon who didn’t appreciate his talents and therefore Buddy quotes his release as becoming free. He was released on 2 June 2021 from the WWE contract.

Buddy Murphy was born on 26 September 1988 and is an Australian professional wrestler. He earlier lived in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and wrestled in Australian wrestling championships like the Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW) and Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW). He came to America and joined WWE in 2013. He was thus got trained by the WWE Performance Center.

Murphy with his wrestling career also made his first videogame debut in WWE 2K16 as one of their playable and downloadable characters. Later he appeared in other series developed by the game like WWE 2K17 and WWE 2K20. He also made his first TV debut by appearing on a TV reality show called Total Divas in January 2018.

Buddy Murphy released his first promo video and the video showed him in an asylum where he was living for the past 8 years and 90 days of the lockdown. He is all set to enter the real world and is quite excited about it. The first promo video ended here.

In his second and the third video was launched by Murphy today morning. The video had Josiah Williams, who is a musical artist featuring in it and he is shown as Murphy’s doctor in the promo video. Murphy in the video got quite violent. Then he was handed a bag that had all his belongings.


The bag contained tattered wrestling tights with “Shhhh” written on them and then came the moment when he finally revealed his facts to the audience by turning towards the camera. Fans got to see him after a long time. And the man in front of him told him that you are finally free and then a black screen appeared with Murphy’s new name on it. 

In clear bold letters was written “Buddy Matthews” our old Murphy’s new name. This new name was designed by combining Murphy’s old name and his real name. The wrestler’s real name was Matthew Adams which is combined with his old Buddy Murphy name that he got during his WWE matches. 

The video clarity signifies how he broke out of the prison which in real life refers to WWE and now is finally a free man with free will. He has changed his name from all social media handles as well and from now on wants to be referred to as Buddy Matthews.

He has changed, his ring name quite frequently. In total, he has 4 ring names till today- Buddy Matthews, Buddy Murphy, Matt Silva, and Murphy.

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