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Bray Wyatt After Makes A Cryptic Tweet About His Post Wrestling Career And Shares His Plan In Cryptic Tweet


WWE known as the World Wrestling Entertainment is a media and entertainment company and focuses on providing its audience joy with their professional wrestling matches. The wrestling matches are often known as WrestleMania and wrestlers from different parts of the world showcase their skills here.

We all are aware of the famous Superstar of WWE “Bray Wyatt” who is retired from WWE but has recently shared his post-WWE plans in a cryptic tweet. Bray Wyatt who went on a summer hiatus in 2018 made a grand comeback in 2019 and also hosted a kids gimmick show called Firefly Fun House. He was also called to play the sinister alter ego of The Fiend which can be shortly seen this year.

Bray Wyatt has often referred to the second coming of Kane and The Undertaker and fans loved him a lot due to his creative character. But when the news about the company finally releasing him came out, fans were quite disappointed. His retirement was attacked by many negative reactions from fans. The negative reactions were filled due to the company releases of other WWE wrestlers like Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, and many others.

Bray Wyatt has always been a creative and funny person. He is quite famous for his gimmicks in the kid’s show as well on the WWE platform. Be it inside the show or outside, his personality has always been admired by many fans. Many fans wish that he should join the All Elite Wrestling which is an American professional wrestling promotion show while many other fans believe that he may completely give up his wrestling career and use his talent in acting and hosting to enter Hollywood instead.

Vince Russo who is a professional wrestling booker recently commented that Bray Wyatt should think about choosing the Hollywood path and go for the small screen that is pro-wrestling rather than the big silver screen of Hollywood.

Recently Bray Wyatt expressed what he wishes to do in a cryptic tweet. He quoted Eddie Van Halen the late singer and musician who died directly after battling cancer that he teased that he is not ending his wrestling career anytime soon. In his tweet, he paid tribute to the singer stating that ” Rock Stars come and go. Musicians play until they die.”. 

Earlier in this tweet, he made a tweet about a new mask and wrote under if ” You cannot kill it”. The fans assume that the mask can be a comeback of the sinister alter ego called The Fiend. 

Vince Russo also warns Bray Wyatt to not join the All Elite Wrestling show and instead enter Hollywood. Many WWE superstars who have been released by the company have joined All Elite Wrestling. But Russo wants Brag to use his creative gift and do something with it and enter Hollywood. He suggests he get a Hollywood agent who can fix him some appointments with directors. He wants Bray to completely leave the wrestling career and go talk to some screenwriters and discuss with them Hollywood. He doesn’t want the home to join the All Elite Wrestling.

Russo compared Bray to Jason and Freddy and told him that he could become like them in the next 10 years and could become a horror icon for the coming years.  Jason and Freddy which is a horror movie have two monsters in it and Bray has a similar personality and acting skills that can kill the role.


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