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Pando Aspen Clone: Utah Resides The Oldest And The Biggest Organism On Earth Today Which Is 14,000 Years Old And Weighs 13 Million Tons


As old as a tale is this 50-year-old organism that exists in Utah that nobody knew about until now. The organism has its roots from the last ice age and has been living since then.

It weighs 13 million kilos and is located in Utah residing in the Western United States and is covered with mountains. This particular organism can be planted in your garden as well. You may be curious about the organism right. The Pando Aspen Grove is located in south-central Utah and has survived in the Fishlake National Forest in Utah. It has been one of the largest organisms in the world for 1000 years. But recently researchers are concerned about it because it is dying.

How can you reach this masterpiece?

Pando Aspen Groves can be found just southwest of the Fishlake National Forest sign near mile marker 6. This Pando forest has a single tree, a “forest of one” that sprouts over 40,000 stems through an expansive root system. Over here you can see 47,000 Aspen trees which all belong to a single root system.

Professor Paul Rogers, director of the Western Aspen Alliance at Utah State College expressed how it would feel if you and 47,000 others who grew up with you all were linked to each other. All these trees are linked due to cloning.

Cloning is a technique used to make exact genetic copies of living things. This method was used by the Pando Aspen Grove to clone its 47,000 other twins. Many scientists claim that Pando is  80,000 years old. But Paul Rogers explicitly stated that the grove cannot be older than 14,000 years old as the last ice age happened 14,000 years ago and organisms cannot survive an ice age.

He even cleared out other rumors related to the Pando grove. Many said that the grove is the oldest creature to exist which isn’t true as there’s scientific evidence for the same. 

We can believe the large dimension of the grove has been able to clone 47,000 copies of itself over the years and all are in their best condition. The large dimension of this Pando Grove has 47,000 timber spread over 106 hectares, equal to half a dozen Metropolis Creek Facilities.

Talking about the root system of the Pando grove it stretches a total of 12,427 miles underground which is equal to Hawaii and New Jersey combined.

The Pando grove is located within the Fishlake National Forest in central Utah. It is called the Pando Aspen Grove and is a single tree with 47,000 clones. Paul Rogers who is appointed as the world’s main authority on Pando and is a professor at the Utah State College has been given a part of the land from the Pando Aspen Clone to protect the new seedlings and young plants from being grazed by deer and cattle.

For many years this tree was unknown until a botanist called Burton Barnes came to our rescue. He visited FishLake National Forest to research the aspens. He was from the College of Michigan. He extensively examined the root, foundation system of the Aspen and the leaves of the Aspen and concluded that the whole Aspen forest has been formed by cloning from a single Pando Aspen Grove and all belonged to a single system.

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