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Carrie Underwood receives backlash For Liking A Controversial Anti-Mask Tweet By Matt Walsh For Which She Apologizes


Carrie Marie Underwood the American singer is getting a lot of hate for liking a constructive tweet made by Matt Walsh who is an American comedian and actor. He recently tweeted on Twitter about schools making it compulsory for students and teachers to wear a mask. He blatantly criticized the order.

Carrie Underwood liked this tweet and has been receiving hate for the same. She has built her career over the years as a singer, songwriter, actress, author, entrepreneur, and record producer and wants to keep it that way. But seeing the hate and criticism she is been getting over the internet concerns many people.

Walsh tweeted about this probably last week but her liking the tweet circulated the internet on Tuesday where her fans were criticizing her for supporting such a vicious notion. They called her actions to be very embarrassing and dangerous.

Matt Walsh tweeted about the Nashville School Boards mask mandates and thus attached his speech about the same. This tweet was liked by many people out of which one was Carrie Underwood. After the tweet went trending on Twitter Walsh tweeted several other tweets and all were pointed towards the American Idol winner. 

He wrote in one of his tweets how Carrie Underwood liked her tweet and now her whole fanbase is against her for promoting such a dreadful and dangerous message among the youth of our country. He even said that she should at least think practically and not engage in actions that her fans don’t like. He commented that her act was actually an unforgivable sin.

Over the years we know how celebrities deal with such backlashes as disappointing their fans will eventually disappoint her pockets in the long run. Walsh knew this and so he tweeted about when he will see, Carrie, disclaiming her action which she actually did. He, for the sake of her being a busy person, gave her 12 hours for the retweet. He claimed her to be an outlier which normally means a person who stands apart from others in his or her group. He believes that she wouldn’t deny her actions but would genuinely apologize for them.

Walsh is a comedian by profession always has a hint of sarcasm in his tweets. The last tweet that he made for the singer was a bit sarcastic and quite egocentric, to be honest. He tweeted that Carrie Underwood should actually pay attention while responding to tweets. It was her mistake for liking an extremist tweet and he finds it quite upsetting and disturbing. Her actions and judgments were horrific. After this, his egocentric self came up and he demanded a renouncement and an apology for her actions.

Even in the speech, he gave for the Nashville School Board he made various statements that were completely false and gave out the message to young children and our youth that the virus possesses no threat to our kids. He blatantly stated that making children were masks can be considered child abuse without even thinking about the consequences.

Underwood over the years has always stood up for what’s best for the people and supported various viral issues like the gay marriage campaign in the US. But one thing she absolutely wants is to keep herself out of politics. She knows the consequences and the fact that nobody wins in a political argument so there is no point in engaging in one.

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