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The Pocket Friendly Realme Watch 2 Pro Comes With A Gps System And Humongous Battery Life


Realme has always topped the smartphone market and now has chances to top the smartwatch market too after it recently launched the  Realme Watch 2 Pro. We are here to review the product, talk about its specs and features and help you make a decision whether it’s a great buy or not.

Realme is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer and is owned by OPPO and BBK Electronics. The brand has never failed to impress its users and for years has provided its users with the features at considerably low prices.

Now Realme is all set to enter the smartwatch market. Its new Realme Watch 2 Pro has a horde of features like the heart rate tracking system, a display similar to Apple Watches which gives it a premium look, and much more.

This device retails for a total of Rs. 4,999 which is quite affordable compared to the features it provides. This is Realme’s second smartwatch. Last year it launched the Realme Watch which retailed for Rs. 3,999 and came with an amazing customizable feature. It had 12 built-in watch faces and you could customize them. It also has a real-time heart rate monitor.

Realme came with their Watch S Series in late December when it launched the RealMe Watch S and was available for Rs. 4,999. It also included a real-time heart rate monitor and Blood Oxygen Monitor.

Recently Realme launched the Watch 2 and Watch 2 Pro. Watch 2 is an upgraded version of the earlier Realme Watch and has certain features similar to the old version. This particular watch is advertised as ‘Style meets Sports’ and comes with a smart AloT control and a 3.5 cm high-resolution screen. The watch has 90 sports modes that give you accurate data for your exercises and tracks your calories burned, blood rate, oxygen level, heart rate, etc. This watch comes with 12-day battery life so once you charge the device fully it will last for 12 days. It will come with a fast magnetic charger and IP68 protection from water. This watch is packed with all the latest features you can ask for and this is a great buy.

The Realme Watch 2 Pro is also an upgraded version of the last watches but its features and specs aren’t similar to any earlier watches and is a totally new product launched by Realme. One such feature that makes it stand out from other Realme watches is the installed GPS system that gives you accurate geolocation which you can access right from the distance of your wrist which makes it much easier to navigate while on the go, and you don’t even need your phone for the same. Realme wants this smartwatch to be a beginner-friendly smartwatch with minimal and required features. 

Talking about the features, the watch comes with a 4.4 cm high-resolution screen with accurate touch sensors. GPS system that supports dual satellites. It has 90 sport modes for all the health enthusiasts out there. Compared to the Realme Watch 2 which has a 12-day battery life the Realme Watch 2 Pro has a 14-day battery life because of its 390 mAh battery. It also has a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen monitor.

This watch is a great purchase if you have the budget you should go for it.

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