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Skip Marley Launches “Eco-Friendly” Rebel True Wireless Earbuds – Should You Get Your Hands On It?


House of Marley for years has designed products keeping the environment and our mother earth in mind. They might be the only eco-friendly and eco-conscious brand that exists today. They are back at it again with their new wireless earbuds that are completely eco-friendly.

These particular Rebel True Wireless Earbuds are designed and manufactured in collaboration with Skip Marley who is a Jamaican singer and songwriter. The House of Marley is a family business of the Marley family and they have been introducing sustainable products for ages.

The House of Marley is an audio company and follows the root of Bob Marley and believes in his saying of sustainability and thus thinks about it since the beginning. 

Talking about the product, the Rebel Earbuds are part of the TWS- True Wireless Stereo Collection. The family business will expand further with these new launches. The new Rebel earbuds focus on providing the best experience to its customers and are designed to be used in a person’s day-to-day life. They are built in a way that will withstand the casual and active lifestyles of individuals. To match its performance the earbuds have been priced moderately and not too high. The earbuds retail for a total of $ 99.99/ $129.99. 

These earbuds launched on 10th August 2021 and are available on the House of Marley site and are in stock right now so grab your pair before they sell out.

The build of the earbuds is quite durable. The earbuds exterior is from bamboo which has a life expectancy of a hundred years or more. This bamboo is natural wood fiber. The plastic used for the design is 100% recycled and thus the whole product is 100 % eco-friendly. It’s a great initiative taken by the company in providing eco-friendly products to its customers when on the other side we see many tech companies exporting the environment for their own good.

HoMs earlier earbuds which were the Redemption ANC have been quite bulky and feel hefty to the ears, but the Rebel earbuds stem is made 24% smaller than the earlier earbuds which makes the piece extremely light to use and even feels quite slim to the ears.

Users always prefer easier accessibility for a device the lesser steps the better. With time becoming very crucial in today’s world people often try to reduce their work by quick solutions. The HoM understands their customers a lot due to which it provides touch control instead of physical control. With advanced EQ settings like the Signature or bass boost option, we can change the bass with a single touch.

 The different settings of EQ include the –

  • 20 Hz – 60 Hz
  • 60 Hz to 200 Hz
  • 200 Hz to 600 Hz
  • 600 Hz – 3,000 Hz
  • 3,000 Hz – 8,000 Hz

The best setting for bass is between the frequency range of 60Hz to 200Hz.

Skip Marley confirmed that he has been using the earbuds in his studio sessions for a long time and they were used during the recordings of ‘Not Today’ which is a song from his upcoming album. He expressed how the product stands out of all odds and helps him curate the best music for his audience. He calls himself a Rebel with a cause.

The product is bang on due to its impressive features. It provides the users with extended battery life, a stable comfortable fit, leading Bluetooth and microphone performance, and seamless connectivity.

Overall it’s a great purchase.

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