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Honor Watch Gs 3 Comes With A Ppg Heart Rate Sensor With 8 Channels And 3 Variant Styles To Choose From


Over the years many brands have been working on launching their own smartwatches. From Apple to Oneplus everyone has a watch in their collection. It’s time for Honor to do the same.

Honor, a sub-brand of Huawei launched its first fitness-centric smartwatch called the Honor Magic Watch 2 in late 2019 and since then it has never looked back. Recently the brand announced the launch of a new smartwatch, Honor Watch GS 3, and we are excited about it. This announcement was made by the company itself on 12th August 2021 in a mega event on Thursday.

Many features make this device better than Honor’s earlier watches. This includes the PPG sensor installed in the watch which guarantees a more refined heart rate monitoring. The photoplethysmogram- PPG sensor is an uncomplicated and inexpensive optical measurement method.

The company also announced the launch of the Honor Tab V7 Pro which is its latest tablet and is available for Rs. 44, 990. This device is known for its superior office experience which you get with Honor’s multi-screen collaboration, split-screen applications, and other software ecosystems. It also includes a new generation flagship processor, the MediaTek Kompania 1300T, and a 2.5K high-swipe screen with 256 GB storage.

The release date and price for the watch haven’t been announced by the company yet. One thing that Honor did confirm was the three variant styles available for the watch which includes the Voyager, then the Streamer Classic, and the third one is the Racing Edition.

Let’s talk in detail about these three variants.

1. The Voyager- This watch will come in a silver case and a blue-colored strap which will be a leather-made wrist strap. It’s a comfortable design that looks premium and elegant.

2. The Streamer Classic will come in a golden case and will also have a leather strap but a brown wrist strap. This too feels and looks premium. Many smartwatches brands do not offer such premium designs as Honor is offering to its users.

3. The Racing Edition- This can be a smartwatch for students or users who engage in intense activities daily. This particular watch will come in a black case and will have a black rubber strap which is quite durable. The rubber strap looks premium and is very user-friendly.

The Honor Watch GS 3 is a successor to the old Honor Watch GS Pro which retails for ₹13,999. It comes with a 5ATM waterproof rating and a 25-day battery life. But it doesn’t have an 8 channel PPG sensor like the Honor Watch GS 3 does. The Honor Watch GS 3s PPG sensor is backed by artificial intelligence which gives optimal heart rate calculations. The new watch design

follows the old circular design of the Honor Watch GS Pro.

The PPG sensors often have an algorithm of tracking frequency whose pulse wave frequency values are in the 0.5–4.0 Hz range of the PPG signal. It is different from an ECG model because the ECG measures the heart’s electrical activity, using multiple electrodes. Whereas, PPG measures the arterial volume by using a single photodiode. In both cases, you can use the information to determine a patient’s heart rate.

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