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Fortnite Open World Rpg – Is It Happening? Data Miner Confirms The Leak With Evidence


Fortnite has been in the news a lot due to data miners finding new information and insights from the game developers. Earlier it was rumored that Among Us and Fortnite would have a crossover. Recently the data miners have unveiled new information which has left fans confused.

Fans are muddled about what Epic Games has for them now. They are expecting something big for the Fortnite Battle Royale.

We all know the popular data miner HYPEX who himself is an industry insider. He revealed through his Twitter certain images that were actually cropped from a larger image and pointed out to an LTM. This LTM was codenamed Saturn which might be hinting something.

LTM actually refers to Limited Time Mode, these modes are available for a limited time to experiment and see whether they are working properly or require certain improvements. They are a way for Epic Games to experiment with different things with the game engine. Over time it has been seen that features that were played within the LTMs have eventually made their way into the game. One such instance was when LTMs returned to the game in the 15.10 Patch.

So it is sure that Fortnite is planning a new mode which soon can be made available for all users as LTM do make their way to the game over time.

HYPEX said that these images possibly can be a new game mode Fortnite is working on. He even tweeted that this particular model might be an open-world RPG mode. So the new Fortnite game can have an open world with many levels and open areas and the player has options to choose his own way and can reach different objectives.

HYPEX is a guy who never talks without evidence and thus he gave those images. He also tweeted about a legal court document that was spotted last May. This document clearly revealed Epic Games working on a new game mode. They can be planning to launch an LTM for the same.

The cropped images revealed by HYPEX include certain characters from Fortnite like Fishstick, Jonesy, Peely, and the Cuddly Team with various armors. While Fishstick was seen with spears and shield while Jonesy was holding a sword, Peely had a magical scepter and the Cuddly Team Leader had a bow and arrows. The image was captured from an ongoing attack scene and arrows could be seen flying in the air as well as a guerrilla in mid-air was seen in this attack pose. It was a scene from the battleground. In the cropped images certain landmarks could be seen like Temples and sanctuaries which provide great insights into the game and the ongoing battle. All these points hint at the simple fact that the game will come with an open-world RPG mode and will be based completely on where the players want to take it.

All these teasers can also point to other modes like the survival mode which is a game mode in a video game in which the player must continue playing for as long as possible without dying in an uninterrupted session while the game presents them with increasingly difficult waves of challenges. It could also point to a wave-based defense game also called a tower mode where the player’s ultimate goal is to defend their own territories or possessions by obstructing the enemy attackers or by stopping enemies from reaching the exits, usually achieved by placing defensive structures on or along their path of attack.

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