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The 2021 iPhone Lineup To Include Three New Camera Features, A Video Portrait Mode, New Filters And ProRes Video Recording


Apple has been loved for its amazing camera and picture quality and to upgrade its standards once again Apple is all set to launch a new iPhone with a video portrait mode. This will be included in its new flagship iPhone 13 series that will be launching soon.

Bloomberg first reported the news, a blog site that often talks about businesses and financial data and how people can make faster and smarter decisions. According to Bloomberg, Apple will launch three new features to upgrade its camera. One of them is the Video Portrait Mode.

This mode will enable users to blur their backgrounds while shooting a video thus the users end up with a professional and clear video and would not be required to use additional sources to blur their videos which often degrades the quality of the videos. The effect is available on third-party apps like Snapchat and Zoom but it isn’t the best.

The other two features that Apple will be introducing with its new iPhone 13 series will be ProRes video recording and new editing options for your photos.

Talking about the ProRes video recording technology, it was initially developed by Apple, and earlier we had a ProRes RAW which normally adjusts the bit rate to hit a target quality on the raw images. ProRes RAW applies the same principles of ProRes to the raw camera image data. It applies near-lossless compression. ProRes adjusts compression to hit a target data rate.

Other new improvements that would be seen this year include a new ultrawide photo lens that will be upgraded due to some problems in the last iPhone series. The new upgrade will be made more sensitive to light detection and its aperture would also be increased; this will help in getting better shots in low light as well.

ProRes video recording is a feature that is introduced for all those pro-video creators who have to spend hours editing a piece of work to make it clear and have good quality. It is to make their work easier after they have shot their video and give them more control over the footage of their work.

Another update includes the new filters that iPhone will be introducing in its iPhone 13 series. This new filter style editing feature will give you many new ways to see a single image by changing the style of your image. This particular filter does not work like a regular Snapchat or Instagram filter you see on the internet. It is an advanced version of everyday filters and would only apply and change certain elements of your photo and not apply to the whole photo which often degrades the quality to some extent.

The new flagship iPhone 13 will also have better refresh rates which refer to how many times per second the display can draw a new image. Normally a 60 Hz refresh rate is considered quite high and can be noticed easily but this time Apple will be introducing a 120 Hz refresh rate which is quite high. This simply means your screen can show all 120 screen updates much quicker. Apple will be including the 120 Hz LTPO displays.

The new 13 series iPhone too will include smaller display notches which often look very premium. It will also include an A15 chip produced by TSMC which will boost the phone’s processing power.

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