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Samsung Introduces The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 And The Samsung Galaxy Flip 3, Know Our Impressions Here


Samsung with its amazing designs has never failed to impress us. The same applies to its new phones Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy Flip 3 which will soon be seen in the market.

Earlier Samsung introduced a foldable phone the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 which supported the 5G band. Users liked the new design of the device and so Samsung is back at it again to add to its existing foldable series. The features and specs of this series have been teased for months and people are eager to know more about the device.

These two phones are the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy Flip 3 which are an addition to the foldable series. These phones are acknowledged for their features and specs which are much more upgraded and fine than the older phones from the same series. Also, they come with a sleek design and a sturdy body which makes it user-friendly and quite efficient, to be honest.

Talking about the brand itself, Samsung has always kept its consumers at the top of their priority list and has attended to their demands to reach customer satisfaction. Samsung claimed first place amongst handset makers with an ACSI score of 81 which was higher than Apple in the USA. The ACSI refers to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Samsung’s new foldable phone is considered much better than its earlier phones due to advanced technology being used to design it.
Samsung launched its first foldable phone on 6th September 2019. This phone was developed as a prototype and Samsung initially didn’t launch it for customer use. Later with some advancements made in the device, it was handed to the customers. Here Samsung surveyed and kept records about how much the users like the phone and want the demand it is creating.

The phone was actually loved by many users and so Samsung brought a much more advanced version which was the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 that launched on August 2nd, 2020, and became quite popular. Still, the phone was quite overpriced but is out of stock today.

To fulfill customer demands once again Samsung has worked hard and is all set to launch its new foldable phones this year. Samsung has come up with the Galaxy Fold 3. This being the third generation of the foldable we can expect a lot from Samsung as they now know what they are doing and bringing to the tables. Samsung has always had an upper hand when it comes to their amazing designs and the same can be seen in their new foldable as well. These phones have the right blend between higher technology and premium designs. The phone will surely turn some heads.

The phone comes with Corning Victus Glass which is quite sturdy and the phone is slimmer than before. The hinge mechanism this time runs smoother than ever and feels quite clean. The phone is waterproof with an IPX8 certification.

Talking about the Galaxy Flip 3 which is rumored to be an affordable device feels quite sturdy a dnd premium like the Galaxy Fold 3. It is smaller than the Galaxy Fold 3. This phone is the best fit for your pocket over it actually refers to your pockets because it’s very small and compact. The phone bends in half right at the middle thus eliminating half of its size. This phone will come with a metal body like the Galaxy Fold 3. It also has IPX8 certification for water protection. The outer screen when flipped supports music play, date and time, and other widgets to make tasks easier.

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