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Among Us And Fortnite Are Rumored To Have A Crossover, Innersloth Denies But HYPEX Has Evidence


Among Us, which skyrocketed last year due to its amazing concept and gameplay, is rumored to have a crossover with Fortnite. The game today has more than 1 million downloads and was the most downloaded game of 2020.

A rumor surfaced on the internet stating the crossover of Among Us with Fortnite simply means Among Us would be adopting a new, different style just like Fortnite to gain more users from the other industry. Thus the rumor was reported by a data miner whose sole job is to detect new information and updates.

The data miner tweeted this information on Twitter which concerned many fans. One such fan directly tweeted to the official account of “Among Us” about the rumored collaboration. “Among Us” explicitly denied the collaboration but expressed that they would be excited if it happened someday in the future. The exact tweet from Among Us goes like “I don’t know who spread this rumor but it isn’t true haha, would be super cool though.”

But fans on the other hand do not believe this official confirmation and thus do wish that such a collaboration happens. Fans are denying the tweet made by Among Us and are adhering to the fact that the collaboration will happen one day.

Some fans tweeted back to Among Us about them lying that the collaboration is not true. They even asked Among Us about how they would be collaborating with Fortnite and how Among Us characters would be included in Fortnite. Fans did have evidence that Fortnite’s new 2021 game does have space for including new characters from Among Us but was unsure how it would be carried out whether they would be collaborating with Among Us as they did it with the Rocket League or will come up with a new way to carry out the task. This was tweeted by @akanda_jihan.

For the Rocket League and Fortnite collab they used a simple play and take model where both games had the same challenge called the Llama- Rama Challenge. Therefore, Rocket League players will get Fortnite-themed items as they complete Llama-Rama Challenges in Rocket League and Fortnite players will receive Rocket League-themed items in Fortnite as part of the same Challenges. This was introduced by Epic Games to benefit both parties and fans from both platforms.

The news about the collaboration was mined down by a data miner who also is an industry insider and goes by the username HYPEX. He has made many such discoveries in the past like the Ariana Grande and Fortnite’s collaboration for a live concert was first leaked by him and it actually happened. He has revealed many new updates and information about various companies. This time he discovered Twitter.

This data miner was able to reach this information by unveiling a data file of Fortnite. This data file was an in-game file of Fortnite and was titled “Mole” as stated by HYPEX. He was sure about the collaboration because the file had various words which we could easily link to Among Us as these words are prominently used in Among Us. It could be words like Electrical, Cafeteria, Tasks, Sabotage, Factory, Repair, Lab, etc.

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