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Samsung Launched New Exynos W920 Chipset Before Its Galaxy Watch 4 Unveiling, Says It Will Be Faster Than Ever


Samsung is one company that will never fail to mesmerize us with the launch of its new gadgets and no matter what it will never fail to surprise its users and put them in a pickle when it comes to choosing what to buy and what not to buy because all its gadgets are so beautiful not only in the design-wise but also with the various diverse specifications in every new model of the gadget which the Giant company launches. We have seen lately how the giant company has also emerged itself into creating smartwatches and not only normal smartphones, tablets, and earbuds. After all the company has to adapt to the changing times and go on with the trend of the recent times otherwise how will you expect the business to run especially during these unpredicted times and to be honest this time with this ongoing pandemic for about one and a half year it has impacted all our lives in unimaginable ways and affected so many businesses and costed lives of many near and dear ones. 

So it is necessary that to maintain our well-being during these unstable and uncertain times we need to have a proper income coming into our houses as we have to be prepared for anything and everything. Well, let us hope everything normalizes soon, and right now let me come back to the topic for today’s article which I am sure all of you have understood is something related to the Giant company, Samsung, which has once again made its way into the headlines I mean wow, don’t they get tired of coming into the headlines every now and then and I must salute to their determination and enthusiasm to keep working and taking out new features and new gadgets, I mean in this lockdown days most of us have become even lazier and have no motivation to work but this company doesn’t care what time t is all they know is that they need to provide the best of the best for its users and I can see the company doing that pretty effectively like it is evident to everyone.

Coming to the recent news, well, Samsung has launched a new processor called Exynos W920 for all of its upcoming wearable devices. This is the first processor in the world which is built on a 5nm architecture. Now that is some processor which must have taken a lot of labor and effort in making but Samsung has done it successfully. So why don’t we have a quick look at this new processor and what it will be offering us, as the buyers? To begin with, the Exynos W920 chipset comes with two Arm Cortex-A55 cores for power-efficient heavy processing and improves the CPU performance up to 20% when compared to its predecessor. Alongside this, it also improves the graphical performance of the chipset by 10 times as mentioned by the Giant company itself that the improved processor and graphic processing unit enables faster application launches and interactive “eye-catching 3D GUI” on Galaxy Watch’s qHD display. Can you imagine so many amazing features in just 5nm architecture that are definitely mind-blowing and pretty amusing, don’t you think?

Well, now the major question is whether this processor will also be available in the Galaxy Watch 4 which is due to release tomorrow, and people from all over have been anticipating its release. Sadly there is no official statement from the company whether this brand new watch will have this processor or not but what we do know is that this processor will definitely be in the Galaxy Unpacked event which is tomorrow. So do remember to tune in tomorrow to get more news on this new mini processor.

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