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Bam Margera Sued Three Members From The Jackass Forever Movie, Legal Documents Show Inhumane Behaviour Against Him


Bam Margera’s mistreatment led him to sue three members of the Jackass Team including his castmate Johnny Knoxville. Bam Margera is a popular American skateboarder, stunt performer, television personality, and filmmaker who initially was in rehab due to his drug addiction.

He became known after he did an MTV show called “Jackass” and became a prominent member of it. This happened in the early 2000s.

He compares his case to the Britney Spears conservatorship case in which she wants to restrict her father Jamie Spears from her conservatorship. Since 2008, she has been subject to a court-approved conservatorship — known in other states as a legal guardianship — that gives her father authority over her finances and many personal decisions. But under this arrangement, she has been exploited and manipulated.

Bam Margera has filed cases against all those individuals and companies who have taken advantage of his suffering and have treated him in an inhumane manner. He filed cases against three members of the Jackass team naming, Knoxville, Jeff Termaine, and Spike Jonze. He also filed a case against famous movie production companies Paramount Pictures, Dickhouse Entertainment, MTV, and Gorilla Flicks.

The case has been filed against the three members because they were the ones who forced Bam Margera to sign a ‘wellness agreement’ in 2019 even though he was in rehab and hadn’t completed the full procedure. Over here they manipulated him to sign the agreement so that he could participate in the Jackass Forever movie even though he didn’t have the mental strength to do so. This was highlighted by TMZ- Thirty Mile Zone, a blog site on Tuesday.

Due to a hurry, Margera expressed that he wasn’t able to show the agreement papers to his lawyer and thus signed them without any assistance. This led him to take regular drug and alcohol tests to check up on his health and control the addiction. He was even forced to take a cocktail shot of prescription drugs that were not prescribed for him rather were drugs to numb his performance and thinking skills.

A stunt performer who closely observed Bam during the movie shoots saw that the particular prescribed drug is given to him actually slowed down his movements and made him depressed. He was feeling quite lethargic and showcased catatonic episodes like the inability to move.

When the Jackass reached its 4th season Margera was kicked out from the series due to infringing the agreement. But during the three seasons of Jackass, he constantly was given Adderall which is a central nervous system stimulant. This brand-name drug is a combination of the generic drugs amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It’s used to reduce hyperactivity and improve attention span. It’s normally prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or narcolepsy. And the legal documents explicitly stated that Margera was found Adderall positive.

During the three seasons that Margera worked with Jackass and Paramount Pictures, he was exploited, discriminated against, and treated inhumanely. This news about the cases he has filed against the three members and some companies came out two months after Bam Margera was ordered to keep his distance from the filmmaker Jeff Termaine who directed Jackass. This order was given to Bam after Jeff received a restraining order from the court which is a temporary court order issued to prohibit an individual from carrying out a particular action.

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