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Free Fires 4th Anniversary Celebrations To Include The Dj Duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike As New Characters


The popular DJ duo Dimitri & Like Mike earlier made a collaboration with Garena, Free Fire’s developer. The collaboration was especially for the Free Fire theme song that was produced by the DJ duo. The song is titled ‘Rampage’ as the song was particularly produced and composed for the Free Fire Rampage Campaign.

The song “Rampage” seeks to inspire players to commit to the battle and not back down — be it in Free Fire or beyond.

This DJ duo can again be seen on Free Fire as will be the headliners for Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary celebrations. Both will enter a step further into Free Fire’s world by getting their own personalized characters for the grand event. Thus DJ duo received the #2 mark on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list of 2020. They are quite well known and admired by many Free Fire fans.

Their popularity can bring in more users to the platform as they would love to play in the DJs avatar. Both characters would be launched on the 4th Anniversary celebrations of Free Fire. With Dimitri and Like Mike we would also see two new characters, one is Alok who is a Brazilian musician, DJ, and record producer. He is known for his single “Hear Me Now”, and the second is KSHMR who is an American musician, songwriter, record producer, and DJ.

Talking about the characters both of them would be available for free for fans. Dimitri Vegas character would be available for free from 12th August 2021 while Thivias character would be available for free from 28th August 2021. To try these characters you need to log into Free Fire as soon as possible.

Both Free Fire and Dimitri and Like Mike are giants and admired in their particular industry and bringing them together is like bringing two giants together. This will benefit both ends and even the fans.

Some new things and updates that we can see on the 4th Anniversary is a redesigned Spawn island. Spawn Island is the location all players spawn before heading on a Battle Bus to the Battle Royale Map. The area is blocked off by invisible walls and Weapons can spawn, though they deal no damage to the player. This particular island is redesigned for the grand event and would include all sorts of colors and creatures to making the event amazing and interesting. The players will be greeted with new forms of music on the spawn island.

Other new updates include the latest episode of Kelly is titled “What’s Up Free Fire” which you can access here.

These episodes are a way to update the fans about all the latest information related to the game, new features and specs launched about the game which is addressed by none other than our own Free Fire Kelly. She is a female character in Free Fire Battlegrounds and is available at the store for 2000 Cash. She is an avid sprinter and runs faster than other characters. This bonus is only effective while sprinting, not walking.

For the 4th Anniversary, Kelly has actually been busy with Garena on some special updates thus our own Moco has taken over the show and now she hosts the show. She is a female character in Free Fire and her ability allows players to tag enemies shot. Players can unlock the character with 499 Diamonds or 8,000.

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