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Is Nokia Looking To Ditch Android For Huawei’s Harmony Os? – We Hope Not


As we know, Huawei has banned the United State government, so because of this, Huawei has very limited options in the field of hardware and software. A rumor is spreading that the company has found a solution to this problem on the front of hardware and software also, now this Harmony os is ready to fight with its rival Android.

The operating system will be going to have the power of all the upcoming smartphones of Huawei, tablets of Huawei and wearables of Huawei, and many more things. A report has been reported in this company has been indulging and doing many meetings with Chinese brands. The company has been talking to many Chinese branded smartphones making company and trying to influence them all to make the smartphones based On HarmonyOS. The name of Chinese brands, who got to meet appointments from Huawei is Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Meizu. There is no confirmation of this report has been revealed yet, actually, we are not confirming the talks result with Huawei. Is the Chinese company ready for this proposal or not?

A report is coming from Taiwan, in this report, the company of Finnish Nokia may be thinking to use Huawei instead of Android. If Nokia ditch the Android operating system, then Nokia becomes the company to use the operating system of Huawei on its phone. Nokia is a company with one of the best android phones.  All the users of Nokia are very excited to know about Huawei’s operating system, how can be used this system used and many more.

The government of the United States had banned Huawei’s and restrict its use on the Android operating system, so after this Huawei company has decided to start its operating system full of advanced new technology features and make HarmonyOS. Earlier Harmony was created for IoT devices only but now they are making their operating system.

According to a new report, this report suggests bout the new upcoming Nokia 60’series phone. This phone will be decided to launch after this year and this phone is coming with the HarmonyOS which is out of the box. These Nokia series have two phones Nokia 60 and Nokia 60 pro. HMD Global is the company which makes the Nokia Phone maybe continue with Android device, or maybe the company trying to look and try different solutions for their phones and after they will think which system suits them best.

This Harmony OS has some limitations like they do not support google mobile service and due to this the phone based on this system will be restricted in China or they will find some other solution. However, they are not so much information regarding this, that Nokia is ditching Android or maybe coming with Harmony OS. These questions should be answer by these companies and hope in future they will say some words about their collaboration and more information regarding this. So wait for the future and decide which feature you want. Do you want to change your operating system?

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