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Google Podcasts Redesign Includes A New Grid UI For Android And iOS And Solves Various Usability Issues


Google with its updates has grown over the past few decades and now Google recently worked on its “Now Playing UI ” to make it more accessible to its customers. Google has redesigned its Google Podcast for Android and iOS.

This new design is centered towards providing a better user experience and solves major usability complexes that the users complained about earlier. This new design has many new features and specs that make Google Podcasts quite interesting and easy to use.

The redesign starts at the Home page tab. Earlier there used to be a podcasts tab which after the redesign was changed to Subscription. This shows all the podcasts a user is subscribed to. This Subscription button will include a new tab with a More button which will lead you to a grid view that will include all the podcasts a user has subscribed to. This solves a big problem for the users who initially have subscribed to a lot of channels and would find difficulty in searching those podcasts. Earlier users faced a lot of difficulty scrolling through the list of subscribed channels.

One more update to the previous design includes a drop-down menu added to each episode of the podcasts. This will appear after you click on a podcast and click on the bottom right corner of an episode. This drop-down menu will include a “Share” option and a “Mark as played” option. The first option lets you share your podcasts which the people you are interested to share them with while the latter one marks the episode as played so that you need not follow the same pro endurance to reach the episode and then complete the listening to it instead you can go to mark as played list and listen from there.

The other options and buttons on the Home page are similar and unchanged. Even the “Explore” tab in the Google Podcasts is unchanged and includes the wordmark of Golge podcasts saved which includes the red beta tab that most users are aware of. This thus avoids you from using the Explore tab twice which appears at the bottom.

One more chance includes the Activity tab changed to the Library tab. Here only the name has been changed and the functionalities remain the same. When you tap on the Library tab you will get a drop-down menu with four top tabs that you can access easily by swiping. This will provide you with a standard list view of these four top tabs and you can select anyone.

These four top tabs include the Subscription grid, Queue, Downloads, and History. We already discussed the Subscription grid. While the Queue option helps you add the podcast to your queue list. To add a podcast episode to a queue, go to the episode and click on Queue. The icon is a plus sign with three horizontal parallel lines, located between play and download. The download option helps you with downloading the podcast so that you can enjoy it offline as well. While the History option helps you access your podcasts which you can mark unplayed to remove them from your History.

The new redesigned Google Podcast was released for Android and iOS on Friday evening. This was made available to all those users who had access to the Google beta version the app is still in its testing stage and will be available soon.

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