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Dead Space Remake Will Reportedly Release In Late 2022 – Every Latest Update


Gamers, gamers today all the news I have is just for you all. I am sure most of you have played the game Dead Space and even if you have not played the game I am sure you all must have heard the name of the game or at least heard stories from others playing the game after all it is most definitely one of the top games ever released by the gaming industry. So for those of you who are not gamers and don’t have any idea about what exactly am I talking about right now and if you feel that you just dropped from the sky because the name of the game itself seems new to you. So let me save your time searching for the game and reading about it. 

So Dead Space is a science fiction/horror and media franchise created by Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, developed by Visceral Games, and published and owned by Electronic Arts. The story is primarily set in the 26th century in the science fiction universe featuring environments, weapons, and characters typical of the genre, the Dead Space franchise centers on a series of video games beginning with the release of the first Dead Space. SO the storyline of the first video game is based on an engineer named Isaac Clarke and the mutated undead horrors that surround him. The series’ protagonist’s primary goal is to use the Marker which is being suppressed by the Earth’s government to bring about the so-called “convergence” with the Markers being the source of the undead monsters encountered by them. The Dead Space video game series has been positively received; the first game, in particular, won a number of industry awards for the varied elements of its gameplay and development and is often regarded as one of the best video games of all time by critics. But from a commercial perspective, EA considers the video game series as a whole to have underperformed in terms of sales. After the financial disappointment of 2013’s Dead Space 3, there was no further media for the franchise was made for the remainder of the 2010s. But recent news says that a remake of the first game is currently under development.

So to throw some more light on this under development game is that the new report suggests that the highly-anticipated Dead Space remake could be aiming for a release window of the end of 2022 now that is definitely a piece of really bad news because the ones who have played the first game of the Dead Space are aware of how addictive they can be plus how interesting it can be so it must be really upsetting for all of them to have to wait for another year. The report from GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb claims that “sources familiar with the development have said the game is scheduled for a fall 2022 release”. According to the report, the internal aim at EA is to see the game launch during its 2023 fiscal year. It should be noted, though, that EA itself hasn’t revealed an official release window for the game and, when approached for comment they said that “We haven’t shared a release date for the game, and we don’t have any comment based on the current rumor and speculation. But we’re glad people are excited about the game!” So my dear gamers your wait can also shift into two years and not one. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t become two years as then I am sure every one of you will go completely insane as the hype of this game has been increased all over the world.

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