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Steam Deck Reservation Shows Order To Be Available In Q2 And Q3 Next Year


Hey friends! If you are looking to pre-buy a stream deck and haven’t managed to get anything yet it may seem a bit harsh but your wait may continue for a while. You may have to wait for more to actually get your device. Refer to the Stream’s store website on Sunday the 64 GB stream deck which is supposed to be priced at 399 dollars and similarly the 256 GB one which has price mentioned as 529 dollars. Both these versions have the expected order date of Q2 2022. Let me tell you that Q1 is April to June. This Q2 will begin after June next year. Not only that the 512 GB model which is priced at $649 will be released even later. It is showing the expected delivery date of Q3 next year that is after September 2022. We were also informed that it plans to send order invitations by December 2021. After that, they are obliged to convert these reservations to order.

Stream’s official Twitter account has stated that the reservations of Stream Deck were open to new Stream accounts as well as existing accounts. Many people got error messages frequently. We also know that more than 110,000 reservations for the 256GB and 512 GB devices that too in the first 90 minutes after orders opened on the site.

Meanwhile, Stream Deck is available also reserved in selected places and was expected to ship by 2022. There are three versions to be available by next spring. The first one is a 64GB eMMC, which has a carrying case. The second is 256 GB which NVMe SSD which has faster storage, carrying case, and exclusive stream community profile basket. The third one is 512 GB NVMe SSD, this version has the fastest storage, premium anti-glare etched glass, exclusive carrying case. Not only these features the 512 GB one has an exclusive Stream Community profile bundle and exclusive virtual keyboard theme. We are very excited about these, but the dates are being pushed to spring next year. Stream deck is partnered with AMD that helps them create its custom APU, which is optimized for extreme gaming. Also, it is a Zen 2 + RDNA 2 powerhouse, that helps it to deliver really nice power. These specifications help play AAA games with a very efficient and technologically advanced power envelope. Some errors were seen while placing an order such as “ Your account is too new “ Or “ Reservation servers are busy” but despite these troubles, it seems many orders have already been placed.

So, finally come to the point, this is the first time when any website is so busy. As mentioned earlier, within ninety minutes many people had reserved this seat, this is so traffic because it sounds so great, maybe this is going to be a super hit. This is coming in two varieties 256 GB and 512 GB. More people loved this 256 GB and this booked so fast.

What do you prefer for booking, I know you all are very excited. If the server shows an error doing while registration kindly keeps waiting for hope, they will resume very shortly.

For more information stay tuned.

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