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Leaks Indicate New 2021 iPhones Might Come With Apple Watch Like Always On Display Feature


A new report is coming from Mark of  Bloomberg Gurman, he said that the upcoming phone of  Apple in 2021, is coming with new features always-on display, this upcoming feature of Apple is similar to smartwatches of this brand. Talking about these always-on features, it is smartphones features, that show some limited information on the display when the phone is in asleep mode. This smart feature is available on the Android version of the phone and has been had many times. But this feature is coming now in Apple Smartphones. In the Power of Newsletter, Gurman had written, that the upcoming smartphones are coming with many new features like, they have improved battery life, on the screen smaller notch is present, good news for those who love to do recording because a better video recording is coming with improved quality, a refresh rate of a 120Hz and the most amazing faster chip is coming that is A15 chip.  I think this upcoming feature is a boon for all iPhone users. As we know, iPhone has a short life span of battery, but this upcoming version has everything perfect. One thing is new here that is always on displays, but this is not new in the field of the smartphone as this feature is on the Andriod version many times.

Now, let me tell you one thing, this is not the first time about new features of apple which are based on the always-on display. Before this many rumors are spreading about this before. Many rumors before this came, which was pointed toward this, that apple is doing work for these features. At the starting of this year, Leaker Max Weinbach also gave some hints about these features, he told that, hopefully, Apple is something doing new, maybe Apple is working on the same kind of feature that is Always on Display. If you read this statement, then you will understand that at the starting of the year, he tried to hint at us about these features. He told us, Apple may be using the same type of material which has low-temperature Polycrystalline Oxide panels, before this, it is available on smartwatches, but he told maybe Apple will use these features on the iPhone.

The previous reporting of Bloomberg said that ” at least one of four new” iPhones may consist of LTPO display (low-temperature Polycrystalline Oxide Panels). This LTPO features technology that adjusts the screen light of the watch and the converse life of the battery. Ming-Chi Kuo said that new iPhones of Pro version have this LTPO display and also a refresh rate of 120Hz.

The always-on display is one of the amazing features of Smartphones of Andriod, this time this is also coming in the iPhone version. These features also help in saving battery, it prevents battery drains. It shows some notifications from Applications, missed calls, alarms, time, data, and many things. This gives little information when the phone is asleep.

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