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Apple Could Launch Macbook Air In 2021 iMac Colors With Confirmed Even Faster M2 Chips

16 inch Apple MacBook Pro 2019

Hey, everyone, there is good news for you all. I hope you will get excited after knowing and Apple friends will going to float in the air, next year Apple company is going to launch new MacBook Air. So read this full article you will know everything about the new MacBook Air. Many rumours are spreading these days about this MacBook air, so do not believe in rumours read this article. I am going to discuss release time, features, colour, features, and much information regarding this MacBook Air. This MacBook has also a new version of the chip and many new features.

It is suggested that the company Apple is planning to next Schedule their MacBook Air and there is confirmation that they will be going to release MacBook Air in the early month of 2022, the MacBook has completed having a cutting edge of the M2 chip and they cover with the same living colour of the new latest Apple MacBook. After this year, the MacBook Pro is coming, this is their high powered counterpart and in this MacBook Pro Mix, Chip is used. Simply the MacBook Pro is going to use the Mix chip. This all information is based on the Twitter user Dylandkt. Dylandkt is an iOS developer and before this, he gave some information and all information was true, so most probably this time, their information is also right.

If you focus on the graphics, processor all are awesome. MacBook Pro’s has a MI chip. MI chip is one of the fastest, it is a newer version of the Mi chip, this Mix chip has a greater processor and awesome counter graphics. Dylandkt said,” The MacBook Air’s anticipated M2 would therefore be higher on the spectrum with regards to power and speed”. Dylandkt also added, ” built on the same foundation the A15 is built on”. It is also suggested in the next iPhone generation, which means the upcoming iPhone 13 may use the same chip from their processor and graphics.

If you look at the colour of the MacBook Air, maybe their aesthetics will follow the previous trend of the MacBook.  In simple, The possible outcome is that this will also follow the same colour family as the other MacBook follow. If you look at the recently released iMacs, these iMacs had come with six bright shades and this iMac also have the same neutral white colour.

Hey, let me confirm one thing that this information is not confirmed by the Apple company officially itself.  Apple has not revealed the release date and what is the final decision regarding this till now.

But one thing we will know that is apple is launching New MacBook Air maybe this will come in different colour varieties. This is going to be the first in which MacBook Air have different options. Apple has not shared the actual image of the MacBook Air new. I hope Apple will announce other details very soon.

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