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Fortnite V17.30 Update Going Live Now, From Grab-Itron, Bug Fixes To Pulse Rifle – Here Is Everything That The Update Patches


Fortnite, a game managed by Epic Games is very popular amongst youth these days. Epic Games has released Season 7 of the famous game and it’s expected to bring a new experience to the users. Fortnite is the famed battle royale game. The game was not up to the mark yesterday and was down but today the company has informed us all via tweet that it’s available. Earlier via tweet only they informed that the new version might be having UFOs. The company has shared a very long list that contains all the updates that will be inducted into this new update the company is talking about.

Talking about updates they informed that the new version might have UFOs. The company shared a very long list that contains all the updates that will be introduced in this new update that the company is referring to. But this time the game is getting Grab-Itron which as per them is not only for the offense. So it is also to control the damage coming from the front and it will be working till its full endurance limit. Not only damage control but these can also be used to catch incoming explosives and then propel them backwards. They can also be used to trap incoming explosives and propel them upside down. These will be used on Chests or inside of the mothership

The company Epic games have also introduced other new technologies as well, a new LTM has been introduced and it will be in the form of Team Brawl. This competition means you will have to reach at least 60 eliminations to win the game, you have to survive till the last. Now here is the twist, if you are eliminated you will be respawned but not in the air like a skydiver but you will be plumbed to the ground instead. You will get a new loadout at the start and every time you reshaped you will get that.

It also brings some other new features as well. People wanted to download the new version yesterday itself but, it was down, but today the company informed us by tweet that it is available. The company informed us that the Pulse rifle will have more damage now than earlier. Not only that, the heavy Assualt rifle now can cause a higher amount of damage even with higher accuracy

As we know that every update also brings bug fixes, Epic games informed us that earlier Fortnite was having some issues with the 3D headphones option on Playstation 5. The issues were very common and stereo sound was not accurate, Epic Games claims that they have sorted this out and we can easily use the 3D headphones option now. Clearly, these were much-awaited things we expected from the update.

So the game is available to be updated. If you are a tech and game save, you can go and check that out. That’s it for today and we will bring new updates soon. Stay tuned with us.

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