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Conversation Boost Feature Arrives To Airpods Pro Through Firmware Beta Update


We all saw how the AirPods pro was another hit product of the Apple company especially with its one feature which I think attracted everyone and that was the active noise cancellation feature which many people want these days, after all, imagine you walking to take some fresh air and just require some songs and to relax a bit but there is a lot of noise in your surroundings so you will get even more annoyed by the fact there is no place in the world where you can get a bit of peace but with this active noise cancellation feature, you will get that peace and be least bothered about the environment so even though there is an earthquake and people are screaming you will be least bothered about that too as you cannot hear anything.

Anyways jokes apart and coming back to the main topic of today Apple this year announced for the first time that AirPods users would be able to install a beta firmware on their earphones to try out new features before the features official release. The first beta release took place in July which added the feature named  Spatial Audio for FaceTime calls and Ambient Noise Reduction. So what exactly are there in these two features? Well talking about the first one, the Spatial Audio is a 360-degree sound tech. It’s essentially a form of digital surround sound wherein the origin points of different sounds can envelop you from all directions. So basically just imagine you are watching a film on your iPhone where someone is loudly walking along the left of the screen and if you then turn your head to the left it will seem as if the footsteps were coming from your place where you are watching the movie. Whereas for the second feature, the ambient noise reduction is a lower version of the active noise cancellation as when you turn this option on you will be able to hear ambient noise from your surroundings so you won’t exactly be lost within the song as you will have some background noise. So it is also helpful as then you will at least have a faint clue of what exactly is going around your surroundings and not be completely out of this world.

Recent news brings in that there are new updates in the firmware. It now also enables Conversation Boost on AirPods Pro. This latest AirPods Pro beta firmware is version 4A362b. Even though Apple doesn’t provide release notes to highlight what’s new with this update, users have mentioned that it adds Conversation Boost. So what exactly is this new updated feature now, I am sure that is what you all must be wondering. So to answer your question the Conversation Boost amplifies the voice of a person talking in front of you by using beam-forming microphones. This feature is primarily designed for people who have mild hearing problems, which results in difficulties in hearing others without the use of dedicated devices but that doesn’t mean that only those people can use this feature, everyone can use this feature to talk with other people without having to take the AirPods off the ear. As this is an accessibility option, it can be enabled or disabled in the Accessibility menu within the iOS Settings app. In addition to that Apple also announced that users will be able to track each AirPod through the Find My app, just like an AirTag. However, this option has yet to be enabled and the work is still going on with this feature. So a lot of new things for the AirPods plus iPhone users to explore and enjoy so let’s see whether you as the users like these new features or not but as far as I know I think you all will love it.

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